Woman turns mum’s wedding dress into sexy lingerie to wear on her big night

Woman turns mum’s wedding dress into sexy lingerie to wear on her big night

A bride has been brutally criticised after she revealed that she turned her mum’s wedding dress into a “sexy slip” for the special night.

Although it’s not uncommon for a bride to want to honour a parent or close relative on their big day, this woman’s token was a little out of the ordinary.

Instead of incorporating an accessory as a sweet memento, she decided to wear her mum’s wedding bridal gown as a raunchy robe instead, reports Daily Star.

Seemingly chuffed with the finished outcome, the woman took to Facebook to share her creation.

Her outfit designer wrote: “Another mum’s wedding dress design.

“A sexy slip to wear during the hair and makeup as well as the wedding night.”

She appeared to be chuffed with the final look

Sharing a picture on the That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming page, the bride was seen clutching on to a picture of her mum wearing the dress, but Facebook users think it’s “gross and disrespectful.”

One said: “I could not be turned on by having on my moms shredded wedding dress.

“That’s gross enough to mentally scar someone and ruin the entire night or possibly weekend.”

Another said: “Theres a lot of things I wouldn’t want to think about when I’m about to do the deed – especially on my wedding night.

“But I gotta say, my parents/mother probably rank among the highest.

“Now if this was just a robe type thing for makeup and hair that’s a bit different. But girl said wedding night too.”

A third added: “This will make an interesting story for her husband’s therapist.”

Another sarcastically said: “Nothing puts me in the mood quite like wearing my mum’s old clothes.”

And a fifth added: “Last thing I want to think about is my husbands hand going up my mum’s dress.”

While many criticised the idea, one Facebook user said that the slip may not actually be designed for the couple to get intimate in.

They said: “I hope by wedding night she means she’s going to wear it like… after the ceremony.

“You know, when people are dancing and stuff.

“I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but if she means what I originally thought it meant… umm.”

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