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Akash Kapoor, a 23-year-old travel and wildlife photographer is an inspiration for all aspiring photographers

He is a wildlife photographer by passion and a software developer by profession. For more than eight years of experience in photography, he has been working and teaching photography all over the country through workshops and online training sessions.

He has thousands of fan following on different social media platforms, and the young photography aspirants look up to him big time. He organizes practical workshops to online training. He believes in spreading knowledge and hence finds time to teach photography to the young photographers who look up to him. He also teaches them how to earn money from photography to invest in your passion, which is usually the major concern of many emerging young photographers.

In an interview, he said, “India lacks the kind of facilities and resources that a student needs while learning photography. There are hardly few institutions that teach photography but those are either expensive or are

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2 Upstate NY wildlife photographers talk about ethics and getting that ‘killer shot’ (video)

Wildlife photography is a passion for many in Upstate New York.

We recently interviewed two, well-known Central New York photographers – Diana Whiting of Skaneateles and Greg Craybas of Syracuse – for their advice on getting started and the dos and don’ts of this fun and rewarding activity.

Loon and day-old chicks

A photo taken by Diana Whiting in the Adirondacks of a mother loon and two, day-old chicks.

The interview, recorded in this video, covered such topics as the necessary equipment, the need to do homework on what one is photographing to get that “killer shot” and ethics they abide by.

The following is a summary of the highlights of the interview and the time in the video that they were discussed:

1:20 – What equipment is needed to get started in wildlife photography?

3:22 – What if one wants to step it up a level?

7:14 – What about using a smart

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The Inspiring Story of Husband and Wife Wildlife Photographers

Gorilla by Uri and Helle Løvevild-Golman

Danish wildlife photographers Uri and Helle Løvevild Golman have dedicated their lives to bringing attention to the beauty of animals around the world. The husband and wife team have traveled around the globe, from the Arctic to Africa, in order to capture positive images of the animals we are in danger of losing. However, a few years ago an encounter in Africa changed the course of their work forever.

Both photographers were attracted to nature from a young age. Uri remembers admiring Sir David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau, while Helle was inspired by her sailing adventures as a child. After meeting on an expedition, they fell in love and Helle joined Uri as a professional photographer, with both eventually working with National Geographic.

In 2017, the duo was in Gabon for the third time shooting a documentary. It was there, at a local market, that an extremist attacked Uri

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