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What’s it like to marry a complete stranger?

Resplendent in white satin, her hair perfectly pinned and her make-up pristine, a blushing bride grips her brother’s arm as she takes a deep breath to calm her nerves.

On the other side of the solid oak door her handsome groom stares straight ahead, his palms sweating, his mind racing. 

A ripple of excitement sweeps through the 40 guests as they eagerly wait for the ceremony to begin.

But this is no ordinary wedding. When the bride walks down the aisle and locks eyes with her husband-to-be, there isn’t the usual comforting look of love shared by a couple who have spent months planning their big day together.

Just six weeks earlier, Shareen and David were told they were each other’s perfect match and they agreed to get married, meeting for the first time on their big day. But these aren’t the usual young reality TV wannabes — David is

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