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Watch 6 Photographers Try to Identify 1 Imposter

With the game Among Us going viral these days, photographer Jessica Kobeissi decided to set up her own kind of secret identity game with social deduction: he invited 6 photographers and 1 imposter to have an online chat to see if the photographers could identify the faker.

You can watch how the game unfolded in the 31-minute video above.

“I thought it would be a fun spin to do it with a bunch of photographers and one impostor — who is pretending to be a photographer!” Kobeissi tells PetaPixel. “Their job is to guess who is not the real photographer. It’s like a giant game of Find the Mole.”

The players in Kobeissi’s game were put in an online chat with fake names and were asked to discuss their answers to a series of questions. For example, Round One had the players answer “How long have you been doing photography?”

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Drive-in WEDDING! 250 guests watch bride and groom tie the knot from their cars

A couple have staged Britain’s first Covid-compliant drive-in wedding, with 250 guests watching them tie the knot from Audis, Land Rovers and Lamborghinis on a 500-acre Essex estate to get around the 15-person limit.

After the ceremony, bride Roma Popat and groom Vinal Patel, both 30, toured the grounds in a golf buggy, waving as parked-up friends and family honked their horns.

Guests were welcomed to the unique event on Friday with a hamper containing tasty snacks – as well as safety instructions, anti-bacterial hand gel and bin liners for their rubbish.

During the four-hour Hindu wedding, they could order food from a dedicated website to be delivered by waiters, but were only allowed to leave their vehicles only to use toilet cabins.

Another 300 guests from all over the world also watched the live footage of the couple saying their vows at Braxted Park, a stunning country house in

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Watch ‘Father Of The Bride’ cast reunite for virtual Netflix sequel

Steve Martin in ‘Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish)’ – Credit: Netflix/Still

The cast of Father Of The Bride have reunited for a virtual, online Netflix sequel – you can watch it below.

The original cast of the film reunited for the first time in 25 years on Friday (September 25) to take part in Father Of The Bride Part 3 (ish).

Deemed a “special sequel”, the film caught up with the Banks family on a Zoom call for a special wedding-related announcement.

Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Kieran Culkin, Martin Short all reprised their roles for the 25-minute film. They were also joined by some additional cast members including Alexandra Shipp, Ben Platt, Florence Pugh, and Robert DeNiro.

You can see the full film below:

Writing in the New York Times, director Nancy Myers opened up about returning to the Father Of The Bride

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Watch as Father of the Bride Cast Reunites for Virtual Netflix Sequel

The cast of Father of the Bride reunited after 25 years, bringing back many original characters for a Zoom-style new story in what Netflix is calling a “special sequel.” Running about a half hour long, the quasi-sequel, dubbed Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish), was made available to watch for free on Netflix’s Facebook and YouTube pages. The special reunion was put together for the benefit of the non-profit organization World Central Kitchen, which works to provide meals to millions of children, families, seniors, and frontline workers.

Reprising their roles from the original Father of the Bride movies from the 1990s, the reunion special stars Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kieran Culkin, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Martin Short, and George Newbern. Also featured in the special in new roles were several other fan favorite Hollywood stars, including Alexandra Shipp, Florence Pugh, Ben Platt, and Robert DeNiro. Reese Witherspoon also appears to

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Watch the debut trailer for the ‘Father of the Bride’ mini-sequel

Maybe he’ll be the grandfather of the bride.

On Thursday, Netflix released a trailer for a mini-sequel to the “Father of the Bride” franchise, called “Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish).”

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The first half of the trailer features clips from the first two films, 1991’s “Father of the Bride” and 1995’s “Father of the Bride Part II.”

The second half of the trailer shows the outside of the Banks’ house in 2020 with Diane Keaton’s Nina calling for Steve Martin’s George.

“George, we’re all here. Come on,” she says. “George! Matty said it was important.”

“I’m just washing my hands. One more ‘Happy Birthday’ to go,” he replies as the clip draws to a close, leaving us truly curious about what’s in store.

Keaton and Martin return for the event, as do Kieran

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You’re Cordially Invited to Watch Nancy Meyers’ New ‘Father of the Bride: Part 3 (Ish)’

Archive Photos, Getty Images

We’re cordially invited to a Banks family reunion hosted by Netflix. Nearly 30 years after Father of the Bride, starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and Martin Short, hit theaters, the family is getting back together on Friday, September 25th. Even better? The icon Nancy Meyers has written a new script for the event.

The reunion is being called Father of the Bride: Part 3 (ish), and it appears to be a Zoom get-together with all of the original cast members. In a September 22nd teaser on Netflix’s official Twitter account, Martin, in character as George Banks, receives an email from his son Matty, played by Kieran Culkin, asking him to attend a video call at 3 p.m. PT.

“Dad are you coming to the video call? And yes…I checked, it doesn’t cost anything to accept a calendar invite, okay?” the email reads.

Father of

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Ask Ellie: Watch for red flags before jumping into relationship

Advice columnist EllieDear Ellie: When I was a teenager my mother called me “a magnet for bad boys.”

But I saw the sweetness in some of my high-school boyfriends. They sometimes acted like big shots, but alone with me, whom they trusted, I learned their other side.

However, it’s true that even these guys could suddenly drop me abruptly, when they wanted to impress the “hot” girls.

Now at 31, I’m worrying that my mother was right all along.

I broke my engagement to a man who swore he’d love me forever because I’ve learned that he said the same thing to my married cousin. They’ve been having a secret affair.

My mother says I missed obvious signs that others noticed at a family wedding where those two met last fall. Mom was immediately suspicious, while I was naïve. I get it now and feel like a fool. My cousin’s husband has

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Father of the Bride Cast Reunion Special Is Happening This Friday, Watch the Teaser

A Father of the Bride reunion special is happening at Netflix this week. The Banks family reunion will benefit World Central Kitchen. The special will premiere on Friday, September 25th at 6pm ET/3pm PT on the streaming platform’s YouTube and Facebook pages. World Central Kitchen is a non-profit organization that aims to provide meals to those in need a after natural disaster. Chef Jose Andres started the non-profit back in 2010.

Father of the Bride stars Steve Martin as George Banks, Diane Keaton as his wife, Nina, Kimberly Williams-Paisley as their daughter Annie. The movie also stars George Newbern, Martin Short, B. D. Wong, and Kieran Culkin. Nancy Meyers co-wrote the screenplay and teased the reunion special earlier this month on social media. “If he thought a wedding was a lot, how would he react to 2020? Coming soon

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