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Black Photographers on the Issues Surrounding Documenting the Protests

Protesters photographed by Dee Dwyer in Washington DC. Dee Dwyer

Burning precincts. Flipped police cars. Thousands of signs float above seas of people. Tear gas, rubber bullets and the firm black fist. To some, these images would be synonymous with utter chaos and calamity. However, to Black people, these moments are signs that permanent change is finally on the horizon. 

With this historical turn of events, debates of how to capture this moment have arisen among the larger conversation of racial equality. Black photographers spoke with Observer about how they have captured the movement and the lessons it is teaching the broader arts community about race, respect and responsibility. 

Black photographers nationwide have joined the protest efforts in the way they know how: through art. However, some photographers have remarked on the impossibility separating their own emotions from the objective documentation of these historic moments.

Take photographer Dee Dwyer, whose

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