Wedding guests want to know your mask policy before they RSVP

Good communication is essential for a successful marriage. It’s also essential for most wedding guests as COVID-19 continues to spread.

More than 70% of wedding guests said they want to receive health and safety details before they RSVP, according to wedding planning website The Knot.

The Knot released the findings Tuesday as part of its 2020 Wedding Guest Study. The website found that 35% of couples with weddings scheduled between September 2020 and January 2021 had postponed their reception, while 58% were not changing their date but were adding health precautions. In October alone, more than 104,000 weddings with 14.1 million guests were scheduled in the U.S.

Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor-in-chief of The Knot, said that couples “have been incredibly creative” in the ways they’ve communicated with guests about health, such as by making social media videos and offering color-coded bracelets for guests to show their comfort levels with in-person

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