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Professional Photographers of America Announces New Board Member

ATLANTA, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today, Professional Photographers of America announced the appointment of Kesha Lambert to its board of directors. Lambert, an accomplished photographer and lawyer, will help shape the vision for the nonprofit beginning in March 2021.

Lambert is an international wedding and portrait photographer based in New York. She has photographed hundreds of weddings, including in the paradisiac St. Martin and Cabos San Lucas. Born in North Carolina, Lambert was raised in the Bronx and went on to graduate from Fordham Law School. After helping people as a lawyer, she now helps clients by creating stunning photographs of them that serve as heirlooms for generations to come. Early this year, Lambert was named a Sony Artisan of Imagery by Alpha Universe.

“I look forward to bringing my perspective and experience as a photographer, lawyer, and business owner to the work that

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Akash Kapoor, a 23-year-old travel and wildlife photographer is an inspiration for all aspiring photographers

He is a wildlife photographer by passion and a software developer by profession. For more than eight years of experience in photography, he has been working and teaching photography all over the country through workshops and online training sessions.

He has thousands of fan following on different social media platforms, and the young photography aspirants look up to him big time. He organizes practical workshops to online training. He believes in spreading knowledge and hence finds time to teach photography to the young photographers who look up to him. He also teaches them how to earn money from photography to invest in your passion, which is usually the major concern of many emerging young photographers.

In an interview, he said, “India lacks the kind of facilities and resources that a student needs while learning photography. There are hardly few institutions that teach photography but those are either expensive or are

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Samsung EVO Plus And PRO Plus SD Cards Deliver 100MB/s Speeds And Enhanced Durability For Photographers

samsung evo and pro sd cards 1

Samsung has just unleashed a new family of Secure Digital (SD) cards aimed squarely at photography professionals, general consumers and the scores of content creators out there entertaining the masses. The new SD cards are available in two product families: PRO Plus and EVO Plus.

Both product families use the SDHC/SDXC form-factor with a UHS-1 interface. In the case of the PRO Plus, Samsung is promising sequential read speeds of up to 100MB/sec and sequential write speeds of up to 90MB/sec. The entry-level 32GB version of the PRO Plus, however, is limited to 60MB/sec sequential writes. As for the EVO Plus, Samsung rates all members of this family at up to 100MB/sec for both sequential reads and writes.

samsung evo and pro sd cards 3

Luckily for us, we got our hands on the new PRO Plus and EVO Plus cards early and where able to run a few benchmarks. We have 128GB versions of both cards

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro’s four cameras are aimed at serious photographers

Apple's iPhone Pro phones get new camera abilities, including a bigger image sensor, a faster main camera lens, improved image stabilization, a lidar sensor for low-light autofocus and a longer-reach telephoto lens on the iPhone Pro Max.

Apple’s iPhone Pro phones get new camera abilities, including a bigger image sensor, a faster main camera lens, improved image stabilization, a lidar sensor for low-light autofocus and a longer-reach telephoto lens on the iPhone Pro Max.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini add significant new photography features, but camera hardware and computational photography software on the higher-end iPhone 12 Pro models really show how hard Apple is trying to attract photo and video enthusiasts.

Among the changes in the iPhone Pro models are new abilities to fuse multiple frames into one superior shot and a lidar sensor for improved autofocus. And the iPhone 12 Pro Max gets a larger sensor for better low-light performance on the main camera, a telephoto camera that zooms in better on distant subjects, better stabilization to counteract your shaky hands.

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iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini,

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Why Do Bad Photographers Think They Are Good?

Have you ever met a photographer who thinks their work is incredible, but you don’t agree? Perhaps they’re actually really bad? In this 9-minute video, Scott Choucino explains how and why this happens, and how you can avoid it.

The phenomenon where someone believes they are great at something at which they are, as Choucino says, “rubbish” is called the Dunning-Kruger effect. The Dunning-Kruger effect is defined as “a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability.”

In the case of a photographer, when one is suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect and is confronted with the facts of their ability, there are two ways to react. One, they can accept the truth of what they are hearing and actively work to

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Association of Photographers 2020 Award winners unveiled

The winners of this year’s Association of Photographers (AOP) Awards have been announced, with striking images across several categories.

image copyrightLewis Khan

The AOP was formed in 1968 and promotes, protects and educates photographers of all levels.

Lewis Khan was named gold winner of the Open Award for his series of images entitled Theatre, photographed at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London.

With prolonged and unprecedented access to frontline NHS workers, Khan worked intimately amongst high-level clinical situations and procedures.

image copyrightLewis Khan

He also focused on the lesser-seen aspects of the hospital: cleaners, visitors, staff rooms and bed bays.

“From surgeons, scrub nurses and matrons to some of Europe’s leading oncology consultants and their patients, Theatre is a study of the people that make up the hospital, and the fabric of their environment,” said Khan.

“As the NHS continues to be a topic at the heart of British

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Bec Judd laments that photographers aren’t able to work due to COVID restrictions

By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia

10:01 12 Oct 2020, updated 13:06 12 Oct 2020

Rebecca Judd has spoken out about COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne making it difficult for photographers to work. 

The WAG, who relies on photographers for many of her shoots with her popular activewear brand, Jaggad, made the comments in reply to label co-founder Michelle Greene. 

Michelle argued that photographers could safely socially distance and work outside, and Bec, 37, shared the comments to her Instagram Stories. 

Hard work: Rebecca Judd (pictured) has spoken out about COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne making it difficult for photographers to work

She replied: ‘So true @michellegreene, Our virtual shoots on iPhones have been fun but nothing compares to professional production. 

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‘Photographers stand so far away from the subject. If teachers can teach a class full of kids, surely photographers can capture content?’ 

Bec recently

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A Common Mistake Many Landscape Photographers Make

In landscape photography, we do not get control over the light or the conditions in which we are photographing, and as such, it is very much a genre of planning and patience. This can often lead to a mistake that makes us miss images, and this excellent video discusses how we fall into that trap and the consequences it can have.

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this great video discusses the importance of patience in landscape photography, as Danson details how he lost out on a range of shots by chasing the weather instead of letting it come to him. Chasing the weather can certainly be tempting, but conditions evolve and change quickly, and it is really difficult to anticipate it, get into position, set up your equipment, and dial in a composition and settings in time. Rather, it is better to plan ahead of time and choose a

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Young photographers captured vanishing Cajun culture during a trip from Chicago in the ’70s | Entertainment/Life

Eager to escape Chicago’s bitter winter, two young photographers jumped into a car and headed south in 1973. Douglas Baz and Charles Traub didn’t care where they were going as long as it was relatively warm.

Along the way, they attracted attention whenever they stopped to take pictures — hardly surprising, since one of their cameras was a boxy old-fashioned model, featuring a hood and sitting atop on a tripod, that looked like a holdover from the 19th century.

“Someone said, ‘Well, it sounds like you’re interested in landscapes and food. You ought to go across I-10 into Cajun country and check it out,’” Baz said.

So they went, following the Great Mississippi River Road and having no idea of what they might encounter when they arrived.

Baz and Traub both had master’s degrees in photography from the Illinois Institute of Technology, but their road trip preceded the work that

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Why Do Really Bad Photographers Think They Are Amazing?

We all know that person (if you don’t, it’s you) who thinks they are amazing and are completely useless at photography. Chances are that we have all also been that person, but why?

Although photography is subjective, I am going to put it out there that some photographers are simply bad. Be that due to technical abilities, poor execution of concept, or just bad taste, they suck. And I was certainly one of them. I was useless at photography for the longest time imaginable. I nearly gave it up because I was so bad. However, during that bad patch, there was a period where I thought that my work was amazing. Looking back at it now triggers some sort of anxiety mixed with shame. I was utterly delusional. 

However, you mustn’t be disheartened. It turns out this is really common and actually completely normal. In this video, I look at

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