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Weddings continue to adjust during COVID-19 pandemic

Hormel Historic Home Operations Manager and Wedding Coordinator, Amanda Barber said “It’s something you have been planning your whole life sometimes. And then when this happened nobody knew what to expect. And so now for couples that are planning for next year we are recommending, we don’t even know where we are going to be even in six months, so now it is a good idea that you can pre-plan that covid checklist or that covid guest list.”

The Hormel Historic Home has kept most weddings at smaller capacities and they have utilized virtual platforms for those that cannot attend. For those that may not be on the more restricted guest list, Barber wants them to know “If you know somebody that is getting married do your best to not be offended if you are not on their guest list. Still congratulate them, still support them throughout the whole thing.

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A Pandemic Picnic Wedding at Merion Tribute House


The couple’s feelings about Zoom are just so dang refreshing.

picnic wedding

Sarah Kagan and Timothy Haney held their picnic wedding at Merion Tribute House amid the pandemic. Photography by Inna Spivakova of Peach Plum Pear Photography

Since the start of the pandemic earlier this year, Philly’s soon-to-be weds have found various creative ways to still get married and celebrate their special days, their way. Drive-in weddings, virtual countdowns, rooftop elopements and living-room “I do’s” are among the many unique approaches we’ve seen. Then there’s this picnic wedding, held on the lawn of the Merion Tribute House this past July. The couple had initially planned for a ceremony and reception in April at La Peg at Fringe Arts, but had to postpone — and came up with the

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Cynthia Bailey Justifies Having 250 People at Her Upcoming Wedding During the Pandemic

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is preparing for her marriage to Mike Hill. Despite health concerns surrounding the pandemic, their wedding is still happening, and Bailey still plans to have a huge guest list.

Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Cynthia Bailey is getting married to Mike Hill

Bailey and Hill first met during an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show a few years back. She and Hill hit it off fast, despite the fact that Bailey once said that she would never get married again after her divorce from Peter Thomas. Bailey and Hill got married after just 14 months of dating.

She spoke about them potentially getting married back in 2018 when they were contemplating it. “You know, we’ve both been married before, so marriage is something we both understand,” she said. “We’re not jumping into this blind. We both have kids and we both

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Lindsey Vonn Paused Planning Her Wedding To PK Subban During the Pandemic

Lindsey Vonn has had to push a pause button on her wedding plans with PK Subban.

The 35-year-old Olympic skier tells People that the couple, who got engaged in 2019, are really not in a rush to walk down the aisle.

“We’re kind of in a holding pattern right now,” she shared. “With COVID, it just feels like there’s no good option, you know? I don’t have a timeline or a plan, we’re just kind of going to wait and see.”

Lindsey continued, “Obviously, his family is in Canada, so I can’t physically get to Canada and they can’t get here. It’ll happen eventually, we just don’t know when.”

“Neither of us are really worried about when we’re going to get married,” she adds. “We know it’s gonna happen, so we’re not in a rush about it.”

Lindsey also mentioned that having because of the pandemic, her relationship with

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Cynthia Bailey Teases Wedding Plans Amid Pandemic

It was a decade ago that Cynthia Bailey walked down the aisle in her first wedding and said “I do” to Peter Thomas (the wedding was, of course, featured on RHOA; they divorced in 2017). And with her wedding to Mike Hill just days away (October 10, to be exact), The Real Housewives of Atlanta bride-to-be revealed how she feels going into marriage No. 2.

“I feel just as excited and optimistic as I did leading up to my first marriage. What’s different is that I’m different. I’m older, I’m 53 years old. I’m wiser. The only way to learn how to be a wife is to be one, and that was my first experience. I now know what I want and what I don’t want in a relationship, in a marriage,” she told Page Six in a recent interview. “For years, I said very publicly that I’d never

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Small wedding business, already hit hard by the pandemic, has trailer stolen

STOCKTON, Calif. (KTXL) — Cynthia Guerrero’s dream is to own her own small wedding event rental business.

“Our focus is primarily on farm tables. We have vintage items,” she said.

She said her business, Wild Bride Rentals, was already struggling because of the pandemic, with many weddings postponed and major events canceled. 

“We’ve just been at a complete standstill since everything’s shut down. So, our last revenue came in in February,” Guerrero said.

She said she feels like her dream is in even more jeopardy after thieves broke into their downtown Stockton event space at The Sycamore and stole their trailer and at least $10,000 in vintage decor pieces and rental supplies on Thursday.

“It just took a long time to get to where I felt like, OK, we’re getting known,” Guerrero told FOX40. “It felt like we were right there to reach that dream and it was just kind

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What to Know If You’re Planning to Elope Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, According to Wedding Industry Experts

Editor’s Note: Those who choose to travel are strongly encouraged to check local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures related to COVID-19 and take personal comfort levels and health conditions into consideration before departure.

a horse standing on top of a dry grass field: Getty Images

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If you had asked me a few years ago if I’d consider eloping, I would have raised an eyebrow in disapproval. While I love the intimate and romantic concept of escaping to say ‘I do,’ my favorite part of weddings has always been the people — the speeches, the dancing, and the events before the big day. But I couldn’t have predicted that 2020 would bring a global pandemic, rocking the wedding industry in its wake. And I also couldn’t have predicted that I would be newly engaged, weighing my options for a 2021 ceremony. Suddenly, eloping with my fiancé sounded much more exciting and alluring than ever

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Queensland wedding planner became a COVID-safe officer to rescue her business during the coronavirus pandemic

When the Queensland Government implemented restrictions for weddings earlier this year, wedding planner Kimberley Hourigan knew she had to adapt her business to stay afloat.

She added “COVID-safe officer” to her list of services after noticing couples wanted to have weddings in private venues that lacked COVID-safe plans.

In Queensland, private gatherings are currently limited to 30 people, but up to 100 people can attend if the couple engages a business or an operator who has been accredited by Queensland Health.

For $250, couples can hire Ms Hourigan’s team to attend their wedding and make sure everyone, from the guests to catering companies, is complying with the rules.

Before the event, her team measures the distance between every table and chair to ensure they comply with the 1.5 metre social-distancing rule.

Hand-sanitising stations are set up and signs are supplied to advise guests of the rules.

“Our main role is

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NY couple marries at hospital after COVID-19 pandemic delays wedding twice

The staff at New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital put together a wedding in hours for a couple who rescheduled their big day twice due to COVID-19.

COLD SPRING, N.Y. — A New York couple whose wedding was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic got married in the hospital. 

WNBC reports Lisa and Ron Loscri already had to delay their wedding plans twice because of the virus. 

“[We] originally planned a June wedding, which turned into a September wedding at a venue, which turned into a September wedding in our backyard,” Lisa told WNBC.

However, one day before their backyard wedding, Ron ended up in the hospital.

Thankfully, tests for a stroke came back negative, but Ron was determined to marry Lisa that day. 

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“He just

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What it’s like to get married in the middle of a pandemic

Gallery: Here’s how to tell whether you’re in an equal relationship (Espresso)

In the end, it turned out to be better than the wedding we had originally planned. Perhaps because our lockdown experience, like so many others’, had involved death, loss and financial strain. When the day came around, what we’d initially thought might end up feeling like a sombre, legal officiation was actually a jubilant moment of escapism.  

a car parked on the side of a road

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When our first wedding – the one that had taken a year to plan – was cancelled by our venue in March a week before the nationwide lockdown, we, like many couples, assumed we’d still be able to have our big day in 2020. So, my fiancé and I planned how we might need to adapt things. Either way, we’d decided this year was when we were getting married, Covid be damned.  

On daily walks around

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