Newlyweds, the Buckners, donate a flower arrangement from their wedding to the Park Plaza Nursing Center in San Angelo, Texas. (Photo: Rosanna Aguilera / San Angelo Standard-Times)

SAN ANGELO — Newlyweds Chance and Hannah Buckner loaded dozens of floral arrangements into their pickup and set out Monday for what would be a day of deliveries across San Angelo, Texas.

After the couple married on Sept. 19, the thought of tossing out the fresh pink and white roses didn’t sit well with Hannah, so she put out a call on Facebook.

“I would like to deliver these to anyone needing a lift in their spirits. If anyone knows of someone going through a tough time, an elderly or disabled person that is alone on their street, even if you’ve never talk to them but just see them occasionally. Please message me their address and I will deliver a flower arrangement to