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Weddings continue to adjust during COVID-19 pandemic

Hormel Historic Home Operations Manager and Wedding Coordinator, Amanda Barber said “It’s something you have been planning your whole life sometimes. And then when this happened nobody knew what to expect. And so now for couples that are planning for next year we are recommending, we don’t even know where we are going to be even in six months, so now it is a good idea that you can pre-plan that covid checklist or that covid guest list.”

The Hormel Historic Home has kept most weddings at smaller capacities and they have utilized virtual platforms for those that cannot attend. For those that may not be on the more restricted guest list, Barber wants them to know “If you know somebody that is getting married do your best to not be offended if you are not on their guest list. Still congratulate them, still support them throughout the whole thing.

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What to Know About Wedding Registries During COVID-19

In confusing times such as these, it’s expected for couples planning a wedding to feel overwhelmed with questions. From renegotiating contracts to figuring out the safest way to move forward, the process is about solving one problem at a time. But it’s not just couples—their guests also need clarity on certain etiquette. This probably holds most true when it comes to gifts, particularly, the registry.

Since applying traditional etiquette in the current climate would be futile, we turned to experts Kelley Carter and Emily Forrest for answers to the most pressing wedding registry questions (for both couples and guests!) in the age of COVID-19.

Meet the Expert

  • Kelley Carter is the home fashion director at Bloomingdale’s. With a background in editorial, she previously held positions at O Magazine, Real Simple, and Refinery29.
  • Emily Forrest is the director of communications at Zola and has been with the company for more than
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RHOA ‘s Cynthia Bailey Details the COVID-19 Safety Measures Put in Place for Her Wedding

Cynthia Bailey/Instagram

Cynthia Bailey can’t wait to say “I do” to fiancé Mike Hill in front of her friends and family — her masked friends and family, that is.

Ahead of her Georgia wedding on Saturday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star opens up to PEOPLE about the “strict” COVID-19 precautions she put in place in order to ensure the safety of their guests.

“Usually, my concern before the wedding would be more focused on a lot of the aesthetics of the wedding,” Bailey tells PEOPLE. “However, because we are getting married in a pandemic, the focus has turned to: Do we have the thermometers for the temperature checks? Do we have sanitizer stations?”

“We aren’t messing around,” she adds.

The couple is set to wed at the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia. The ceremony was originally set to take place outdoors to accommodate their 250-person guest list, but

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Why Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark Went Ahead With Their Wedding Despite COVID-19

Stassi Schroeder has had a life-changing year. First, she got pregnant, and then she got fired from Vanderpump Rules. On top of all that, her plans to get married in Rome were shot down due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But even though Schroeder and Beau Clark were not able to get married in Rome, they still went through with their nuptials.

Beau Clark and Stassi Schroeder
Beau Clark and Stassi Schroeder | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark went through a lot to get married in Rome

Getting married in another country is no easy feat. Normal weddings take a lot of planning and preparation but destination weddings require even more as the couple must have all of the right documents and permits to legally be married in another country.

“Because we’re doing it in another country so it’s like, and also dealing with production and stuff and trying to make

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Cynthia Bailey defends having 250 guests at wedding despite COVID-19

Planning a wedding during a global pandemic is difficult for most brides, but this week Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey raised some eyebrows when it was reported that she had 250 confirmed guests for her nuptials this upcoming weekend.

Monday, the model and reality star made a remote appearance on Extra where she divulged that she and fiancé Mike Hill are still going full steam ahead with their “large wedding” in a few days.

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“Weddings are stressful. For me, the most stress for Mike and I is making sure we are not only following the COVID-19 rules and regulations, but also putting people in place to enforce them,” she explained.

“We’re having a large wedding. To be honest, everything that we’re doing for our wedding 10/10/20, we would be doing if we had 50

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Sex parties allowed but dancing at weddings banned under Queensland’s COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 regulations that prohibit wedding guests from dancing but allow group sex at approved swinger clubs and adult parties should be reviewed, according to a member of the Gold Coast entertainment industry.

Wedding entertainer Nik Edser said “we have had so many bookings cancelled because of the dancing rules” and has called for the State Government to ease the restriction.

“The irony is if I was invited to a wedding this weekend to attend with my wife and I wanted to dance with her there, then I wouldn’t be allowed to,” he said.

“But if we decided

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Cynthia Bailey On COVID-19 Wedding Details

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey and Fox sportscaster, Mike Hill, are headed down the aisle to say “I do” on October 10 and the couple has confirmed that while family and friends will be in attendance at their luxurious wedding, there are some strict COVID-19 protocols in place. 

“Instead of focusing on the accessories in my hair or what kind of food we’re going to have, Mike and I have been putting most of our wedding energy into COVID-19 protocols,” Bailey told Page Six.“And we ain’t playin’ around.”

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Making sure that they and their guests are protected on their special day, the bride-to-be and her groom are providing everyone with face masks and face shields and if anyone doesn’t want to follow the PPE guidelines, they will be kindly escorted out of the building by security.


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Cynthia Bailey dishes on wedding, COVID-19 protocols and NeNe’s invite

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey and Fox sportscaster, Mike Hill  are about to say “I do” — and their luxury wedding will have COVID-19 safety rules so strict that security will boot anyone not playing ball.

“Instead of focusing on the accessories in my hair or what kind of food we’re going to have, Mike and I have been putting most of our wedding energy into COVID-19 protocols,” Bailey told Page Six Tuesday. “And we ain’t playin’ around.”

Clearly not, as the soon-to-be bride and groom have a firm plan in place to make sure friends and family celebrate their Oct. 10 affair safely, including providing their guests with face masks and shields.

Security awaits anyone who believes they’re above wearing the protective gear.

“If anyone doesn’t adhere to the rules, then they’re just going to be asked to leave,” Bailey asserted. “We’re taking this seriously, we want

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Live-stream wedding, or marriage postponement? How to plan an Instagram-friendly, socially distanced wedding ceremony in the time of Covid-19

a person standing in front of a fence: Social distancing and weddings don’t mix – many couples have had to postpone their marriage but others have shared their special day digitally. Photo: The Upper House

Social distancing and weddings don’t mix – many couples have had to postpone their marriage but others have shared their special day digitally. Photo: The Upper House

A month before the wedding, with 120 guests expected to fly into Hong Kong for a 200-person reception, the government banned large gatherings in an attempt to curb Covid-19. Wedding planner and designer Christine Ritter was tasked with crisis control.

The reception had to be cancelled but the marriage itself went ahead: she reduced the church service to less than 20 people, including the bride and groom’s parents, who had flown in weeks earlier to quarantine, along with bridesmaids and a bridesman, plus a photographer, videographer and the priest. Ritter, of Christine Ritter Designs, filmed the service herself on her phone for Instagram Live.

“We had to multitask due to the headcount,” she says. “The couple were unsure about a live-screened event as

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NY couple marries at hospital after COVID-19 pandemic delays wedding twice

The staff at New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital put together a wedding in hours for a couple who rescheduled their big day twice due to COVID-19.

COLD SPRING, N.Y. — A New York couple whose wedding was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic got married in the hospital. 

WNBC reports Lisa and Ron Loscri already had to delay their wedding plans twice because of the virus. 

“[We] originally planned a June wedding, which turned into a September wedding at a venue, which turned into a September wedding in our backyard,” Lisa told WNBC.

However, one day before their backyard wedding, Ron ended up in the hospital.

Thankfully, tests for a stroke came back negative, but Ron was determined to marry Lisa that day. 

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“He just

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