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Small, socially distanced wedding held outside Orange County nursing home so grandmother can attend

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) — Steven Shoemaker and Kirsten Haigh tied the knot in the courtyard of a Fullerton skilled nursing home to be sure Kirsten’s 89-year-old grandma wouldn’t miss it.

“I joke, she’s such a fantastic host that it would be just like her to find a way to host our wedding,” said Haigh.

The newlyweds live in San Francisco, but had always planned to get married in Orange County.

“We were planning on having a big wedding in Costa Mesa on September 6th. Everybody was invited. Probably at least 100, 150 people,” said Shoemaker. But that all changed with the pandemic and it was back to the drawing board.

“We had the epiphany of what really matters here, so we asked the facility if we could get married in the parking lot because her window faces the parking lot and of course, we got so much more,” Haigh.


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Vanderburgh County deputies were in ‘life-saving mode’ during search, shootout

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Two suspects wounded by returned gunfire from Vanderburgh County sheriff’s deputies Friday night remained hospitalized Sunday but are expected to recover.

a bunch of items that are sitting on a table: Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said a woman who shot at a sheriff's deputy Friday night and later was wounded by returned fire was found hiding in this trash bin near an Old Henderson Road residence.

© Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said a woman who shot at a sheriff’s deputy Friday night and later was wounded by returned fire was found hiding in this trash bin near an Old Henderson Road residence.

Diana Ellmers, 27, of Newburgh and Cade Kirk, 28, of Evansville face multiple felony charges.

Deputies say it was Ellmers who, using a gun reported stolen in an unrelated burglary, fired several shots at a sheriff’s deputy Friday night near Old Henderson Road, leaving a patrol car riddled with bullet holes and busted windows. The deputy was not hurt.

a person posing for the camera: Dianna Ellmers in a 2019 photo.

© Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office
Dianna Ellmers in a 2019 photo.

Sheriff Dave Wedding held a news conference Sunday to explain what happened.

A sheriff’s

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Working in Clark County: Rachael Moody, PNW Weddings with Rachael

What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to deal with at a wedding?

I was assisting at a wedding last summer and the bride and groom hired their friend as a DJ, and he got really wasted and it’s not something we can say, “Hey, you’re fired. You got to go.” I always encourage couples not to use family friends because things can go wrong. I get they want to help out, but it always ends up badly. I had an incident last summer where one of the groomsmen got completely trashed before the ceremony and so I put him in timeout just because I didn’t want him to drink anymore or pull girls down the aisle. That was the only time I got called a mean coordinator.

So you see a lot of drunk people?

Yes. This year, not really because everyone is social distancing and leaving early, but last

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The Kids Were the Stars at This Bucks County Vineyard Wedding


The children said “I do” along with their parents.

Bucks County vineyard wedding

Amanda Reichert and Peter Burns made sure their kids were involved in every aspect of their Bucks County vineyard wedding. Photography by Stacy Hart

Marriage is the joining of two families, and many couples find unique, personal ways to honor their backgrounds on their Big Day. Wearing an heirloom veil or gown, getting parents in on the entertainment or incorporating cultural traditions are among the ways duos have paid tribute to their past and combined future. For this particular couple, who held their wedding at Crossing Vineyards and Winery in Bucks County, it was all about making sure their kiddos played a big part in every aspect of the union. “Our children are the most important

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