Planning a wedding amidst COVID 19? Here are some rules and tips to follow

Planning a wedding amidst COVID 19? Here are some rules and tips to follow

Getting married to your life partner is a dream come true for many and with Coronavirus intruding our plans of making that happen has ruptured all our dreams and fantasies. The imagery of you in traditional attire and the jewellery surrounded by ecstatic energy of pure love and affection, your friends and family to grace the occasion of you getting married and the thought of having a gala celebration is nothing but a blurry memory now.

Nevertheless, let’s face the reality of the current situation and focus on the brighter side of things because when there is a will, there’s always a way!

Planning a wedding during the pandemic can be a daunting task and we are here to solve all your problems whilst making sure all the safety protocols are followed. Let’s look at some rules and tips you can use for a safe wedding, one that won’t let covid ruin your plans!

1. Go for outdoor weddings

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Opt for an outdoor or open-air space as your venue as this will allow social distancing, you can have a well planned seating arrangement. You can opt for big garden spaces or a poolside venue.

2. Scanning of guests & sanitising at all entry points

A very important procedure to follow at all events. Scanning and thermal screening of guests should be done before entering the venue. You can keep sanitiser bottles on every table and inform the guests in the invite to follow all safety standards to avoid any health risks.

3. Opt for a buffet

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Allow self-service wherein guests can serve food by themselves, this will ensure they are not in close proximity to the waiters. This can be done with a buffet-style dinner and you can give directions that will make the process easier.

4. Use eco-friendly disposables

Choose to go eco-friendly and use disposables for catering material like plates, glasses and other cutlery. This will prevent you from catching the virus and any other health risks. Also, it’s environment-friendly, saves money, time and effort.

5. Request guests to install the Arogya Setu App

An important step to make sure that the attendees are safe and there aren’t any health risks, it’s advisable to request guests to install the Arogya Setu App on their devices. You can mention it as a mandatory measure in the invite for safety standards.

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