Romania extends state of alert, bans wedding events, removes some countries from “yellow list”

Romania extends state of alert, bans wedding events, removes some countries from “yellow list”

Romania’s National Committee for Emergency Situations – CNSU proposed on Tuesday, October 13, the extension of the state of alert in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government will take the final decision in this sense. Thus, the state of alert will likely be extended by another 30 days, starting October 15.

The CNSU also updated the list of restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus and added new ones to the list. The most important new restriction bans private events that involve many people, such as wedding and baptism parties, and anniversaries. This measure will apply in the whole country, regardless of the incidence of new COVID-19 infection cases in each region. It applies both to indoor and outdoor events of this kind.

The Committee took this decision because people don’t follow social distancing and sanitary rules during such events, CNSU head Raed Arafat said

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Bride keeps wearing wedding dress for three-day tour of Scotland

Magdalena and Iain on their wedding day (Picture: Scotsman / SWNS)

After tying the knot, Magdalena and Iain Gordon went on a tour of Scotland to celebrate, but wanting to make the most of their wedding outfits, they decided to do the whole adventure still wearing them.

The couple, who met around eight years ago when they worked together, spent three days documenting their travels around scenic spots in Scotland with a selfie stick.

Magdalena, 41, wore a flowing white wedding gown with 20 layers of fabric, and dried it out overnight when it got muddy, after marrying on Wednesday 7 Sept.

And husband Iain, 36, wore his kilt including a tartan cap, a sporran, and knee-high socks, for the jaunt.

Magdalena said: ‘The main thing is enjoyment.

‘My dress was a gift from a friend from work, she was going to give it to charity, but then she gave

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Wedding guests want to know your mask policy before they RSVP

Good communication is essential for a successful marriage. It’s also essential for most wedding guests as COVID-19 continues to spread.

More than 70% of wedding guests said they want to receive health and safety details before they RSVP, according to wedding planning website The Knot.

The Knot released the findings Tuesday as part of its 2020 Wedding Guest Study. The website found that 35% of couples with weddings scheduled between September 2020 and January 2021 had postponed their reception, while 58% were not changing their date but were adding health precautions. In October alone, more than 104,000 weddings with 14.1 million guests were scheduled in the U.S.

Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor-in-chief of The Knot, said that couples “have been incredibly creative” in the ways they’ve communicated with guests about health, such as by making social media videos and offering color-coded bracelets for guests to show their comfort levels with in-person

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Pal Who Allegedly Cut Baby From Woman’s Stomach Shot Her Wedding Photos

a couple of people standing next to a dog: The Daily Beast/Family Handout

© Provided by The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast/Family Handout

Reagan Simmons Hancock was ecstatic about having a new baby, a daughter named Braxlynn who was due next month. “I’m so ready for Brax to be here,” the 21-year-old Texas mom recently told a friend. “I’m scared she’s fixing to come faster. I feel like she’s going to be here before November.”

That friend, Abby Mathis, remembers telling Reagan, “Let’s pray she stays in there as long as she can so she’s extremely healthy.”

But Reagan’s and her unborn baby’s lives would be cut short days later, on Oct. 9—when another so-called friend, Taylor Rene Parker, allegedly killed her, snatched her unborn child from her belly, and fled before a state trooper pulled her over.

According to police, Parker told the Texas trooper she had just had a baby on the side of the road and the newborn wasn’t

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‘Micro weddings’ are a thing. California desert wedding planners create ‘little love bubble’

Jane Chung and Chris Gorman stood face to face, with their cheery dog Jupiter gallivanting in the desert dirt. The sunset cast a golden glow and a light breeze cooled the summer air as they exchanged their vows at Joshua Tree National Park.

a man standing next to a tree: Jane Chung and her fiancé Chris eloped on August 24 in Joshua Tree National Park in a Desert Pop Up wedding that started with Chung getting ready at a nearby Airbnb before golden hours vows in the park, with their dog Juniper bearing witness to the celebration.

© Courtesy of The Walk Down the Aisle
Jane Chung and her fiancé Chris eloped on August 24 in Joshua Tree National Park in a Desert Pop Up wedding that started with Chung getting ready at a nearby Airbnb before golden hours vows in the park, with their dog Juniper bearing witness to the celebration.

A pandemic-era wedding was not what she envisioned, but for Chung, eloping in the desert was as memorable as the Van Nuys couple could have hoped for.

“It was just me, him and our puppy,” she said. “It just made it super intimate and super loving. I felt like we were in

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Why Do Bad Photographers Think They Are Good?

Have you ever met a photographer who thinks their work is incredible, but you don’t agree? Perhaps they’re actually really bad? In this 9-minute video, Scott Choucino explains how and why this happens, and how you can avoid it.

The phenomenon where someone believes they are great at something at which they are, as Choucino says, “rubbish” is called the Dunning-Kruger effect. The Dunning-Kruger effect is defined as “a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability.”

In the case of a photographer, when one is suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect and is confronted with the facts of their ability, there are two ways to react. One, they can accept the truth of what they are hearing and actively work to

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What brides should eat before THESE 5 wedding events to stay healthy and fit?

Before the wedding, every bride-to-be needs to take extra care of their diet plan to stay fit, healthy and active. They should consult a dietician to have a strict guideline for their foods. But they have to be extra cautious for the important days of the wedding and the diet chart may also change slightly depending on the occasion.

For example, for your wedding dress shopping or fitting, you don’t want to feel bloated, so you need to consume foods that are helpful to reduce bloating.

These are the foods to eat before the important wedding events:

Wedding dress shopping

While going for your wedding dress shopping, avoid any processed or ordered foods as they are high in sodium content which causes bloating. Rather, simply stick to homecooked foods. But remember, you can’t have too much cereals as the fibre content also causes bloating. So, eat low-fat Greek yoghurt with

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Elie Saab Bridal Wedding Dresses by Season

Fashion designer Elie Saab’s bridal collection embodies the same elements as the Lebanese designer’s Couture house. While known for his ultra feminine and awe-inspiring red carpet gowns—he’s a favorite among the Hollywood set—Saab’s design roots are grounded in bridal. “I like feminine elegance, not extravagance,” Saab has been known to say. And that’s clear in his beautiful collections of wedding dresses below.

Elie Saab Bridal 2021

The Elie Saab Bridal 2021 collection delivers a romantic and feminine collection that touches on all of the house’s signature details. From ornate embroidery and sequins to feminine lace, and even Elie Saab’s traditional white belt touch, this collection evokes with Saab calls “contemporary feminine.”

In accordance with our diversity pledge, it’s our duty to note that at the time of publishing, this brand/designer did not include BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) in their Fall 2021 campaign imagery. We have since reached out

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2020’s best for new couples

When Justin Bieber said “I do” to Hailey Baldwin, he decided to gift himself. He flashed a yellow-gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch on Instagram worth roughly $50,000.

When Angelina Jolie tied the knot with Brad Pitt, she presented him with a 1952 Patek Philippe platinum chronometer worth as much as $4 million.

Queen Elizabeth II also clocked in with the perfect wedding present. She gave Princess Diana an elegant Vacheron Constantin diamond bracelet watch to mark her marriage to Prince Charles — the same timepiece the queen received as a gift on her own wedding day in 1947.

But it’s not just celebrities who rely on watches to get them to the church on time. Keepsake pieces (from your parents, your partner or yourself) have become a popular wedding present across income levels, according to Paul Boutros, head of watches for the Americas at auction house Phillips.

“With so

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Daughter claims she ruined her dad’s surprise wedding after being the last to know about it

A Reddit user has admitted to ruining her dad’s “surprise” wedding after learning about the ceremony 30 minutes before it started. 

The daughter, with the username throglo, posted about the moment on Reddit’s “Am I the A–h—” forum last week, explaining that her parents are divorced and do not get along — though they do have joint custody. 

She explained that one day in January when her dad picked her up to spend a week with him, he told her they were going to drive an hour away to his friend’s house “for a surprise party.”

But once they arrived at an event hall, the Reddit user said her dad informed her that it was actually his wedding. He also told her that she was one of the bridesmaids and had to hurry inside so she could get ready, because the ceremony was set to start in 30 minutes. 


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