Kylie Minogue rumoured to be planning Australian wedding with Paul Solomons

Kylie Minogue rumoured to be planning Australian wedding with Paul Solomons

Has the darling of Australian pop finally found the one?

Rumours are circling that Kylie Minogue, 52, is planning to marry her partner of two years Paul Solomons, 46, with sources saying the couple are already getting plans in motion.

New Idea quotes a source as saying the couple are even looking to marry in Australia, but are being held back by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Family is so important to Kylie, so she wants her mum and dad and siblings to be at her wedding,” the source told the publication.

“She and Paul are monitoring the situation in Victoria closely because they obviously want to wait until they can fly home safely and not put anyone else at risk.”

Wales-born Solomons is the creative director of GQ Magazine and has been dating Kylie since 2018 after they were introduced by mutual friends. The pair live in London, where she has been based for almost 30 years.

While the source says she would want to marry Down Under, Kylie has ruled out moving back to Australia permanently.

“[Paul’s] a Welshman. But he’s been in London for almost 20 years. There’s just not going to be an Australian home,” she told Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast.

“I have a British passport and an Australian passport. I think some people forget I’m Australian.”

Kylie’s has spent lockdown working on her latest album Disco, which she described as a “coping mechanism” during the pandemic.

The Spinning Around singer also got stuck in learning how to produce and engineer the songs — and it was the perfect distraction.

“It did present its challenges towards the end, when it all caught up with me. I’d been going, going, going really hard, a) to get it done but b) it was a distraction, a coping mechanism,” she said.

“I had one producer say, ‘I just realised today that this has kept me sane, doing this’.

“We all had that common thing of a place to focus your energy and a place to pretend for a minute.

“You’re not watching the news while you’re doing that, so you didn’t have to see it.

“We were aware of it and I’m not sure that through lockdown lyrics were written about that, but they were coloured by it, for sure.”

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