Hoverboards, roller skating: Bride’s ‘obnoxious’ plan for first wedding dance ridiculed on internet

Hoverboards, roller skating: Bride’s ‘obnoxious’ plan for first wedding dance ridiculed on internet

“Our first dance will have a video of how we met and our journey of how we got to where we are… the song is ‘Tell Your Heart to Beat Again’.”

Meanwhile, the ‘hoverboard dance’ will also have a video, featuring “all our guests, [the] years they’ve been married and their wedding advice to us”.

The bride intended the accompanying song to be ‘Honey I’m Good’ by Andy Grammar – infamously a song about a man wanting to cheat on his wife but choosing not to. Cute!

She also revealed plans to get her in-laws – who have been married 64 years – to take part in the roller skating dance as they met at a skating rink.

“I’m hoping to try to get them on skates, apparently his dad used to tap dance on skates. But they are old, obviously,” she added.

But if you’re worried the guests will be bored during the lengthy production, never fear.

The bride added: “We’re also offering free ballroom dance lessons before the ceremony and line dances during cocktail hour for the guests. They will not get bored.”

The post racked up over 100 comments from shocked Redditors unable to believe the bride was planning something they saw as so self-indulgent. 

Commenting on the post, one gobsmacked person said: “This sounds so obnoxious. It’s a wedding, not a musical. Guests won’t tell her to her face, but no one’s interested in or entertained by this ridiculous production.”

Another tried to be fair to the bride, but had to admit the lunacy. 

“It seems like she put A LOT of thought and symbolism into these dances. But realistically she should know that most people would pay attention for about a minute of each before going back to their drinks and talking.”

Another took issue with one element of the dance in particular. 

“The parents have been married for 64 years, so they are probably at least 84. And she wants to put them on roller skates? Hello, broken hips!” they pointed out. 


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