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How to make a small wedding feel special, even for virtual guests

You’ve been planning it for months, if not years, and now that your wedding day is in sight there’s another spanner in the works. Your parents insisted you invite all the aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbours and in-laws under the sun but now thanks to Covid-19 you have the fun job of restructuring your guest list and whittling it down without hurting anyone’s feelings and without losing the special feeling that’s essential for a wedding day. 

You’ll do something online, of course, but what? And how can you make those joining you over video feel like they’re right in the middle of the celebrations?

Wedding planner Kate O’Dowd of Love & Gatherings says couples impacted by restricted numbers should plan their day as if it was intended to be an intimate event with close family and friends. She thinks it is an opportunity to be even more creative on your big

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Dreaming of ‘Purple Rain’ on your wedding day? With no live music, First Avenue booking famous stage for private events

The pandemic has forced the iconic Minneapolis music venue to get creative.

MINNEAPOLIS — Whether you dream of a “White Wedding,” or “Purple Rain” on your wedding day, you’ll soon have the rare opportunity to book iconic music venue First Avenue as a wedding venue.

“Lucinda Williams actually got married on stage here,” said First Avenue marketing director Ashley Ryan. “We’ve had a couple of staff get married in the 7th St entry, but normally October, November, even into December, it’s our busiest time of year.”

If booking weddings sounds like selling out, Ryan says that’s the hope. For months, live music venues in Minnesota and most other states have sat in silence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have staff who have worked here for 20-30 years and since mid-March they’ve been out of work,” Ryan said. “So any kind of event that we can do to get people

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A Lively Los Angeles Wedding Celebration Full of Fall Florals

Not many love stories begin with one person in a minion costume confessing their love in a crowded bar on Halloween. But for Nicole and Ashley Dillon, that’s exactly how their romance started. “She didn’t really hear me, so I pretended like I didn’t say anything,” remembers Nicole of the moment. But a week later, Ashley said they should “revisit the conversation”—proof that she did, in fact, hear Nicole! “We never looked back after that,” Nicole says.    

The couple was first introduced during a flag football league in 2014 and three years later, Nicole popped the question while vacationing in Montauk, New York. Ashley’s ring—a custom aqua stone set on a rose gold band—would eventually serve as inspiration for their wedding day, but not before Ashley returned the favor. “About eight months [after the proposal], I came home from work and found Ashley had strung up a bunch of pictures

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The 5 most beautiful wedding tables spotted on Instagram

Because the guests will spend a good part of their evening here, the wedding table should be memorable, stylish and well-thought out.

The vitamin-rich table

The style ? A bountiful mess of sparkling citrus fruits with vibrant orange and red colors, this decoration is further enhanced with a rainbow display of cocktails.

The eclectic table

The style ? The decorative elements look like what you’d find in a country kitchen cupboard. A colorful, lively, and fun setting for a cool wedding table.

A classic floral powder pink table

The style ? Touches of pink, cream and beige fabrics match the flowers and warm decorations for an ultra soft table look. Absolute perfection.

The garden-style table

The style ? Who said that ceramic pots and wicker place mats have no place on wedding tables? This look adds a fresh take on wedding table design.

The Monochrome table

The style? This elegant

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Asian Wedding Venue Owner slams Government Restrictions

The owner of a South Asian wedding venue in Bolton has revealed that the impact of Covid-19 has been huge.

Bolton Excellency is a grand wedding venue, with one hall able to fit 1,200 guests and others capable of seating hundreds.

However, due to current government restrictions, weddings are now limited to 15 people.

No weddings have been held at the venue since the initial lockdown in March 2020.

Nusrat Khan, who runs the venue alongside her husband, said:

“It has affected us massively but I think people don’t really understand that so many businesses are linked onto the venue – cars, florists, cakes, decorations.

“The financial impact is a loss of approximately £35 million for 2020 to the group of business we represent in the north alone.

“This is further compounded by the myth that we will have a bumper year in 2021.

“This is not the case as

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Micro Wedding Coronavirus Personal Essay

I didn’t grow up imagining what my wedding would look like. But I did always assume I would get married.

I was lucky enough to have had a happy, fairly conventional childhood. I grew up in a small town in upstate New York in a traditional family of four, with parents who’ve now been married for 36 years. From my limited perspective, that’s just what adults did: they got married.

When I met Tom, or rather met him again, I was nearing 30 and starting to lose faith in my assumption about getting married. After four years of many, many failed attempts at forming a romantic relationship out of the desperate game that is dating in New York City, I was starting to feel like I was never going to find a boyfriend, much less a husband.

Tom and I had worked together for three years at Scientific American

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Carlton Park closure forces couple to call off wedding for second time

A DEVASTATED couple’s fully-planned wedding had to be scrapped for a second time after Carlton Park closed — leaving them almost £3,000 out of pocket.

Gary Griffin and Laura Hamlet were forced to switch from August 28 this year to the same date in 2021 because of the pandemic.

And the couple thought it was a hoax when a hurried note was emailed from one of the affected staff at Carlton Park last week.

“It was either rushed or just really bad English,” said Gary (45), who grew up in Kiveton Park. “We thought: ‘Is this some kind of joke’ and rang the Advertiser, who confirmed that it had been closed.

“We’ve tried all sorts of email addresses but had no answers. So I’ve been in touch with the credit card and bank to fund the transactions, because we paid bit by bit.

“It’s caused arguments between us because it’s

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Upper Arlington couple holds wedding outside nursing home for bride’s grandmother

They were separated by glass, but it was a special moment she said she’ll never forget.

On September 25, Emily Befner and her now husband, Seth, got married right in front of a very special person’s nursing home window: her grandmother, Joanne’s.

“When I was walking up to the window, I was trying not to cry cause I could see my grandma and she had the biggest smile on her face, and I waved at her and was like I’m going to cry,” Befner said.

They were separated by glass, but it was a special moment she said she’ll never forget.

“She just started crying and said, ‘I made it Emmy, I made it,’” Befner said.

Befner said her grandma had a stroke in October of last year. The next few days were really hard for the family, they had to process what was happening.

“My mom and my uncle

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Know More Of This Home Decor Staple Candles


Image: Pexels
The humble candle has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years. What was once a mere household necessity for when the lights went out, today is an indulgent luxury item. From being lit for cultural purposes to being a home decor staple, candles have come a long way, and the market for candles has grown by leaps and bounds. From encrusted statement piece to dainty ones in pastel hues, there seems to be a candle for every occasion.  

The best part is that multiple pieces of research state that scents and fragrances play a crucial role to uplift your mood. Science and studies state that essential oils have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that help you to keep your home germs free by using them regularly. So yes, lighting a candle does seem to be good for the mind and body.

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of

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This couple fused American, Irish, Indian, and Iranian culture in their socially distanced wedding ceremony

It all started with “I love you”: Ahad and Kelsey became friends during their undergraduate years at the University of Missouri. They often hung out with a group of friends, but when Ahad invited Kelsey to accompany him to the South Asian Student Association dance and she felt nervous, she knew she had developed deeper feelings for her best friend. 

Shortly after, he offered her a ride from Columbia to the airport in St. Louis. After he dropped her off, Ahad called her to say how hard it was to not say he loved her when he said goodbye. She told him she felt the same way.

“We started with ‘I love you,’” Kelsey says. “It was a lot.”

From there the two—along with Kelsey’s dog, Nugget—quickly became even more inseparable. Because Kelsey’s roots are Irish Catholic while Ahad comes from an Indian and Iranian background, the early stages of

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