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When Should You Have a Bridal Shower?

Those months leading up to your wedding are filled with opportunities to celebrate, and your bridal shower is no exception. Unlike your bachelorette party, it’s also a great chance to include both older and younger family members in the festivities, meaning grandma and your flower girl can be part of the anticipation and excitement. So when’s the best time to throw a bridal shower?

Tradition (and Emily Post) states that the bridal shower should take place between two weeks and two months before the wedding. Seems tight, no? Thankfully, the real requirement for planning a shower isn’t how soon your wedding is, but whether or not you have concrete plans. As long as you and your partner have started planning your wedding and have a date set, any day goes when it comes to throwing a bridal shower.

Finding the right timing is especially important if you live further away

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How to Plan a Jewish Wedding

Mazel Tov! If you or someone close to you is planning a Jewish wedding, you are in the midst of an exciting — and at times stress-inducing — experience. Besides the many wedding details that all couples need to plan, Jewish brides and grooms have several other important factors connected to their ceremony to consider. Whether you are  Jewishly knowledgeable or relatively new to Judaism, you may want to review the list below before you make your plans to create a meaningful Jewish wedding.

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1. Choosing a Date

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Jewish weddings are traditionally prohibited on Shabbat and most holidays — including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot — and the fast days Tisha B’Av, the 10th of Tevet,

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Fun Times, Family Memories Await At New Concord Event Center

CONCORD, NH — Tucked deep into the woods, along a dirt road nearly a half a mile off Bog Road, will probably be one of the most romantic areas of the city next month after a new wedding and corporate function hall opens in West Concord.

After nearly two years of planning and many months of construction, The Barn At Bull Meadow is scheduled to host its first wedding in October.

The function room became a dream of Justin and Jennifer Stephens and later, Justin’s brother, Eric Stephens, after the couple put together their own wedding and had a hard time finding the right location, with the ambiance they desired, at a price point they could afford. Jennifer Stephens studied event management in college and after exchanging their vows, the couple began to discuss the idea … a lot.

“Where we got married, it was a husband and wife that

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Sex parties allowed but dancing at weddings banned under Queensland’s COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 regulations that prohibit wedding guests from dancing but allow group sex at approved swinger clubs and adult parties should be reviewed, according to a member of the Gold Coast entertainment industry.

Wedding entertainer Nik Edser said “we have had so many bookings cancelled because of the dancing rules” and has called for the State Government to ease the restriction.

“The irony is if I was invited to a wedding this weekend to attend with my wife and I wanted to dance with her there, then I wouldn’t be allowed to,” he said.

“But if we decided

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Inheritance Tax UK: Britons can plan for their family’s future in these ways – checklist | Personal Finance | Finance

Inheritance tax is not well-liked among many Britons, but understanding the charge is key as it allows people to look towards how best to ensure their loved ones are provided for. For those hoping to leave money or other assets to their family members after they pass away, planning ahead is vital. Anthony Ward, Head of Wealth Planning at Barclays UK, has shared important tips for people to consider relating to inheritance planning.

There are also other important exemptions to bear in mind which are tax-free and potentially beneficial.

Each tax year, a person can give away wedding gifts of up to £1,000 per person, £5,000 for a child and £2,500 for a grandchild or great-grandchild.

In addition, people can give payments to help with another person’s living costs, for example, an elderly relative or a child under the age of 18. 

And people can give as many gifts of

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Sex parties okay while weddings face restrictions in Queensland

Ongoing coronavirus restrictions in Queensland mean that weddings remain tightly controlled but people are free to go to group sex parties at adult venues.

Under current restrictions in Queensland, industries adhere to their own COVID safe plans, which are affecting sex and strip clubs differently to wedding operators.

Sex on Premises venues, or sex clubs, can operate in Queensland as long as they have a COVID Safe plan. The COVID Safe Industry Plan for Sex on Premises Venues and Adult parties calls the businesses “high risk” and recommends regular cleaning of “group rooms”, record keeping and staff training to mitigate risk.

Wedding operators need to comply with a number of restrictions, including keeping guest lists under 100 people in approved COVID Safe venues.

Weddings held in private homes are restricted to 30 people across Queensland, and those in the Greater Brisbane, Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley areas are restricted

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The 28 Best Wedding Planning Books of 2020

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While apps and digital checklists are useful, many engaged couples may find that good ol’ pen and paper is the most efficient and organized way to plan their big day. The same goes for inspiration and planning tips—so much info is available online (especially on!), but sometimes it’s nice to have a physical book to thumb through with your spouse or mom during the planning process.

That’s where wedding planning books come in. Many contain interactive checklists, so you can keep track of all your wedding to-dos, budgets, and guestlists. Others are chock full of helpful advice from experts in the industry like Mindy Weiss, Jung Lee, and Vera Wang. And many more are filled with gorgeous

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10 Wedding Face Masks That Are Perfect For Brides & Guests Alike

Planning a wedding, even before the pandemic, came with a lot of responsibilities. For starters, you had to book a venue, fine-tune the guest list, and, of course, find the perfect wedding dress. Now, on top of those decisions — plus those ensuring the safest wedding day possible — another to-do has been added to every bride’s pre-wedding checklist: buying a wedding-appropriate face mask. The same goes for your wedding party and your guests.

At an event as heavily photographed as a wedding, whether you’re seated on the bride’s side of the aisle or you are the bride, you may want a style that’s a little more photo-worthy than a standard medical mask. But, while the face covering should be aesthetically pleasing and on par with your wedding-day look visually, it should still be effective against the spread of COVID-19. According to the CDC, face masks should have two or

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Supreme Court showdown


Survivors of domestic abuse told to keep quiet about it in court or risk jeopardizing child custody

Amanda had a two-year call history with the domestic violence unit of a B.C. police department and a detailed diary with photos documenting injuries to her and her son.She also had a letter from the B.C. government’s Crime Victim Assistance Program quoting correspondence from police, which said “her file is deemed highest risk, as it has a substantial likelihood of grievous bodily harm or death.”Police recommended charges, but Crown prosecutors said there wasn’t enough evidence. They encouraged her to seek protection through family court. But when she appeared before a judge to stop her former partner from getting unsupervised access to their young son, Amanda said she learned the hard way that talking about abuse can backfire.”I wasn’t given more than a couple of minutes to say anything about the abuse. I

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Tshatedi ‘Auntie Pet’ revels in glory

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Lifestyle Reporter
Trend-setting and conquerors!

This aptly sums up the unparalleled exploits of Zimbabwean women across the globe when given the position of authority.

Not only are they excelling, but they give it all and denying them gongs would be a miscarriage of justice.

In some cases, they set new records which stay unmatched for years owing to their prowess.

So determined are these women that they even shame their foes as they continue to show the world how it is done.

In some cases, banana skins are thrown on their acclaim, but they continue to defy odds owing to their zeal and determination as they yearn for success.

Be it in academics, arts, events planning, sport, science, management, mining, health, events and even social work, Zimbabwean women have never disappointed.

Well, ask anyone in the events industry locally and in South Africa, the United

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