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Young photographers captured vanishing Cajun culture during a trip from Chicago in the ’70s | Entertainment/Life

Eager to escape Chicago’s bitter winter, two young photographers jumped into a car and headed south in 1973. Douglas Baz and Charles Traub didn’t care where they were going as long as it was relatively warm.

Along the way, they attracted attention whenever they stopped to take pictures — hardly surprising, since one of their cameras was a boxy old-fashioned model, featuring a hood and sitting atop on a tripod, that looked like a holdover from the 19th century.

“Someone said, ‘Well, it sounds like you’re interested in landscapes and food. You ought to go across I-10 into Cajun country and check it out,’” Baz said.

So they went, following the Great Mississippi River Road and having no idea of what they might encounter when they arrived.

Baz and Traub both had master’s degrees in photography from the Illinois Institute of Technology, but their road trip preceded the work that

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Why Do Really Bad Photographers Think They Are Amazing?

We all know that person (if you don’t, it’s you) who thinks they are amazing and are completely useless at photography. Chances are that we have all also been that person, but why?

Although photography is subjective, I am going to put it out there that some photographers are simply bad. Be that due to technical abilities, poor execution of concept, or just bad taste, they suck. And I was certainly one of them. I was useless at photography for the longest time imaginable. I nearly gave it up because I was so bad. However, during that bad patch, there was a period where I thought that my work was amazing. Looking back at it now triggers some sort of anxiety mixed with shame. I was utterly delusional. 

However, you mustn’t be disheartened. It turns out this is really common and actually completely normal. In this video, I look at

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Close encounter with humpback caught on camera

Divers off the east coast near Tweed had a close encounter with a humpback whale.

Victoria Kronsell and her friend Josh were on a diving trip off the southern end of the Gold Coast when a curious humpback appeared out of the deep.

As if to say hello, the whale reached out its fin to shake Josh’s hand.

READ MORE: Surfers get ‘amazing’ company as whales ride the waves

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water: The photographers were on a dive tour when the humpback emerged from the water.

© Nine
The photographers were on a dive tour when the humpback emerged from the water.

“It was crazy. We all went back on the boat, and were still shaking – and there was a bit of swearing,” Ms Kronsell said.

The Gold Coast pair, both photographers, were fortunate enough to catch the whole experience on camera.

“He got some really good footage and I guess the whale just wanted him to get him from his good side,” Ms Kronsell said.

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Virtual Auction Will Benefit the Bronx Documentary Center and Bronx Photographers

Jared Soares, “Lawrence” (© Jared Soares; courtesy Bronx Documentary Center)

Today, the Bronx Documentary Center (BDC) in Melrose virtually opened its 6th Annual Photo Auction Benefit. Half of the proceeds from the sale, which is open through October 22, will fund the BDC’s exhibitions, public programming, and educational initiatives; the other 50% will benefit Bronx-based photographers, including program participants, experiencing financial stress due to COVID-19. The works on offer are valued from $100, for a pair of photobooks by Fazal Sheikh, to $9,000, for an archival silver gelatin print by Gilles Peress.

Pat Kane, “Northern Playground” (© Pat Kane; courtesy the Bronx Documentary Center)

A community-oriented arts nonprofit, the Bronx Documentary Center is committed to supporting photography and photojournalism that engage with issues of social justice and themes of social change. Many of the prints and photobooks on offer echo these values as they explore topics like refugee camps, the

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Uber-Style Photo App Snappr Lets You Book Photographers in Real-Time

After landing $10 million in Series A funds, a new app has launched which allows users to hire photographers using an Uber-style system. Initially based in cities and metropolitan areas, a photographer can be booked only hours ahead of when you need them, with some available for hire for as little as $89 each session.

There have been rumors of such apps for a number of years, but it now seems that after guaranteeing the financial backing needed, Snappr is set to go ahead. As per Crunchbase, the company now has a total investment of $13 million. The company is planning to expand further into new cities in which it doesn’t currently operate, and in the future intends to branch into video and virtual tours.

The app currently offers users everything from portrait photographers to real estate shoots.

Speaking of the app to Crunchbase, Snappr CEO Matt Schiller said:


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2 Upstate NY wildlife photographers talk about ethics and getting that ‘killer shot’ (video)

Wildlife photography is a passion for many in Upstate New York.

We recently interviewed two, well-known Central New York photographers – Diana Whiting of Skaneateles and Greg Craybas of Syracuse – for their advice on getting started and the dos and don’ts of this fun and rewarding activity.

Loon and day-old chicks

A photo taken by Diana Whiting in the Adirondacks of a mother loon and two, day-old chicks.

The interview, recorded in this video, covered such topics as the necessary equipment, the need to do homework on what one is photographing to get that “killer shot” and ethics they abide by.

The following is a summary of the highlights of the interview and the time in the video that they were discussed:

1:20 – What equipment is needed to get started in wildlife photography?

3:22 – What if one wants to step it up a level?

7:14 – What about using a smart

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Award-Winning VFX Specialists Boris FX Releases Software for Photographers

There are many apps for photographers. Developing a workflow and testing each of them is all part of the process of developing a style and unique look. Some of us use Lightroom, others prefer Capture One or Photoshop or a combination of them all. And every once in a while, something is released that invigorates your work in a new way.

Boris FX is known in the film industry, and it’s here where they’ve been developing effects for award-winning movies and series like Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Avengers: End Game. But Optics is for photographers. It’s the first time they’re catering to us. And now, we can use these effects to get completely unique and great-looking effects in our images.

It can be used as a plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom, or it can be used as a stand-alone application. I played around with it for a few

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Business for Manitoba wedding DJs, photographers at ‘complete standstill’

It’s been a rough summer for the wedding industry, with waves of cancellations and postponements expected to continue well into the new year.

a man standing next to a keyboard: One local DJ says the music side of the entertainment business 'has pretty much come to a complete stand still'.

© Marek Tkach / Global News
One local DJ says the music side of the entertainment business ‘has pretty much come to a complete stand still’.

The latest hit to the industry came when the provincial government implemented a 10-person indoor and outdoor capacity limit for the Winnipeg area last week.

Read more: Metro Winnipeg area moving to level Orange restrictions Monday; masks to be mandatory

Aside from the hundreds of Manitoba couples who’ve had their special days postponed, those providing services within the industry, like DJs, limousine drivers and photographers, have taken a blow during the coronavirus pandemic.

“For the most part, couples have adjusted from 200 (people), and sometimes I’m even a witness photographing the event,” veteran Winnipeg wedding photographer Curtis Moore said of the

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See work by award-winning female photographers at Photo London Digital

Gallery: The world’s colourful places will brighten up your weekend (Love Exploring)

Town & Country’s very own photography director Rachel Louise Brown is among the artists on show as part of Crane Kalman’s virtual exhibition at Photo London Digital this month. The Brighton-based gallery is one of 100 exhibitors from 21 countries to participate in the international photography fair, which has moved entirely online for the first time this year.

a bird flying over a body of water: Rachel Louise Brown, Ellie Davies and Karine Laval star in the all-female display

© Rachel Louise Brown
Rachel Louise Brown, Ellie Davies and Karine Laval star in the all-female display

Featured within an inspiring display of work by award-winning female photographers, Brown’s series Simulations was produced during a four-year artist residency at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in South Florida. Through documenting famous public attractions, such as the Palm Beach Zoo and the Fright Nights at South Florida Fairground, Brown explores what is real and what is illusory in these sights, and

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The Inspiring Story of Husband and Wife Wildlife Photographers

Gorilla by Uri and Helle Løvevild-Golman

Danish wildlife photographers Uri and Helle Løvevild Golman have dedicated their lives to bringing attention to the beauty of animals around the world. The husband and wife team have traveled around the globe, from the Arctic to Africa, in order to capture positive images of the animals we are in danger of losing. However, a few years ago an encounter in Africa changed the course of their work forever.

Both photographers were attracted to nature from a young age. Uri remembers admiring Sir David Attenborough and Jacques Cousteau, while Helle was inspired by her sailing adventures as a child. After meeting on an expedition, they fell in love and Helle joined Uri as a professional photographer, with both eventually working with National Geographic.

In 2017, the duo was in Gabon for the third time shooting a documentary. It was there, at a local market, that an extremist attacked Uri

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