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Italian Wedding soup is perfect for fall evenings


More soup this week because it’s fall. About this time of year we all start thinking about the holidays to come: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not sure what any of those holidays will look like this year. Although I guess Halloween is canceled in College Hill. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I read that news from the neighborhood association. It feels like the responsible thing to do this year. So what will everyone do on Halloween night? Perhaps gather in very small groups? One friend suggested a candy hunt – similar to an Easter Egg hunt. That seemed like a fun idea.

This week’s recipe is a quick version of Italian Wedding soup. This recipe usually has meatballs in it, and sometimes a small pasta, too, which you could easily add. I found inspiration for this soup on Instagram. It was a list of ingredients, and I

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Am I Bridezilla if I ban this guy from my wedding?

Dear Amy: My fiance wants to invite “James,” his old college buddy, to our wedding.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune) 

James and I had a silly drunken fling prior to my relationship with my fiance. He knows about this and we have come to terms with it. Still, I regret my fling with James.

What’s more, I think he is a mean-spirited meddler. Years ago, he referred to me as “sloppy seconds” to my fiance.

Is it unreasonable for me to say that he can’t come to the wedding?

I don’t want to act like a Bridezilla.


Dear Hopeful: You and your fiance each have the right to invite people from your individual list to your wedding. As obnoxious as “James” might be, my own perspective is that you simply not liking someone on your fiance’s list does not justify eliminating him altogether. However, that “sloppy seconds” comment
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Three Ways to Choose Wedding Vendors Who Will Work Well Together

Milkos / Getty Images

In a perfect world, you’d never need to think twice about whether your wedding vendors mesh well—after all, they’re industry professionals focused on the same goal: your happiness. Well, most of the time. “Sometimes, people just don’t get along,” says planner Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations. “There is an advantage when a team is harmonious and they get along well and they are supporting each other in the outcome of your day. If somebody likes somebody, and they see something is wrong but it’s not their lane, they’re more likely to jump in and be a team player.” Incorporate these three tips into your wedding vendor selection process to create a team that works for you—literally.

Related: Is There a Specific Order I Should Follow When Hiring My Wedding Vendors?

Ask your venue consultant for tips.

Many wedding venues keep a detailed list of recommended

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Selling Sunset’s Heather Rae Young poses in the incredible lace wedding dress

She’s getting married to Flipping 101 star Tarek El Moussa next year. 

And Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young, 33, shared a picture of herself wearing her second choice of wedding gown on Instagram on Tuesday. 

She looked incredible in the floor length plunging lace gown which had sheer panels running down the sides as she stood on a podium. 

Glam: Selling Sunset’s Heather Rae Young posed in the incredible semi-sheer lace wedding dress she almost bought to wear to her nuptials to Tarek El Moussa on Instagram on Tuesday

Dream dresses: She explained that this beautiful number was her second choice of dress

Dream dresses: She explained that this beautiful number was her second choice of dress 

The fishtail design suited her perfectly as she stood posing with one hand on her hip, while showing off her huge engagement ring. 

But she chose a different option in the end Heather wrote she had struggled to choose between three designs. 

She said: ‘So this

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Romania extends state of alert, bans wedding events, removes some countries from “yellow list”

Romania’s National Committee for Emergency Situations – CNSU proposed on Tuesday, October 13, the extension of the state of alert in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Government will take the final decision in this sense. Thus, the state of alert will likely be extended by another 30 days, starting October 15.

The CNSU also updated the list of restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus and added new ones to the list. The most important new restriction bans private events that involve many people, such as wedding and baptism parties, and anniversaries. This measure will apply in the whole country, regardless of the incidence of new COVID-19 infection cases in each region. It applies both to indoor and outdoor events of this kind.

The Committee took this decision because people don’t follow social distancing and sanitary rules during such events, CNSU head Raed Arafat said

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What brides should eat before THESE 5 wedding events to stay healthy and fit?

Before the wedding, every bride-to-be needs to take extra care of their diet plan to stay fit, healthy and active. They should consult a dietician to have a strict guideline for their foods. But they have to be extra cautious for the important days of the wedding and the diet chart may also change slightly depending on the occasion.

For example, for your wedding dress shopping or fitting, you don’t want to feel bloated, so you need to consume foods that are helpful to reduce bloating.

These are the foods to eat before the important wedding events:

Wedding dress shopping

While going for your wedding dress shopping, avoid any processed or ordered foods as they are high in sodium content which causes bloating. Rather, simply stick to homecooked foods. But remember, you can’t have too much cereals as the fibre content also causes bloating. So, eat low-fat Greek yoghurt with

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Wedding guest calls thank you gift ’ghetto’

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published17m ago

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Your wedding is meant to be the most amazing day of your life. Some women have been daydreaming and planning their special day since they were little girls.

But in reality those dreams of planning the perfect wedding can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Yes, it can be exciting and fun but as most brides-to-be will tell you, it can be equally as stressful.

With a checklist longer than the trail of your wedding dress and the cost that of an overseas holiday, the last thing you need is to have that one guest who you only invited to keep the peace, complain about everything from the food to the thank you gift.

Growing up we were oh too happy to get a little bag of candy coated almonds in a pretty little bag or

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Actor Jon Cryer loses, then finds wedding ring in pouring rain on Vancouver seawall

VANCOUVER — Actor Jon Cryer had good reason to cry.

The actor, known for his time on Two and a Half Men and who currently stars as Lex Luthor on the Vancouver-filmed Supergirl, wrote a dramatic Twitter thread Sunday, explaining how he’d lost his wedding ring over the weekend on the Vancouver seawall — but against all odds and through torrential downpour of rain, managed to find the ring.

Actor Jon Cryer loses, then finds wedding ring in pouring rain on Vancouver seawall

“I was walking along the seawall headed to meet a few folks from the cast,” he wrote of his Friday evening.

“I pulled my hand out of my pocket and heard a ‘ping!’ to my left. I walked a couple more steps and realized my wedding ring was gone…”

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A Pandemic Picnic Wedding at Merion Tribute House


The couple’s feelings about Zoom are just so dang refreshing.

picnic wedding

Sarah Kagan and Timothy Haney held their picnic wedding at Merion Tribute House amid the pandemic. Photography by Inna Spivakova of Peach Plum Pear Photography

Since the start of the pandemic earlier this year, Philly’s soon-to-be weds have found various creative ways to still get married and celebrate their special days, their way. Drive-in weddings, virtual countdowns, rooftop elopements and living-room “I do’s” are among the many unique approaches we’ve seen. Then there’s this picnic wedding, held on the lawn of the Merion Tribute House this past July. The couple had initially planned for a ceremony and reception in April at La Peg at Fringe Arts, but had to postpone — and came up with the

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Parking lot wedding reserves space in each other’s heart

YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. — Carrie Grace McQuaid and John Michael Simpson exchanged vows on Sept. 27 missing some of the trappings of a traditional wedding.

The bride didn’t get a dance with her dad, nor the groom with his mother. There was no dinner banquet for 250 guests. Some loved ones had to watch via Zoom.

The whole affair took place in a parking lot.

And yet, it was the perfect start for a couple’s matrimonial adventure: proof that, even in a pandemic, love finds a way.

“Super cute. Very Carrie,” guest Judy Strickland said at the end of the ceremony, which she and most of the others in attendance watched through their windshields. “If anybody could do this, Carrie is the one who could make it happen.”

Marrying in a parking lot was not Carrie’s original plan. But it hasn’t been a good year for plans.

She and Simpson met

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