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Budget day saw odd couple enjoying a marriage of convenience

More than 12,000 weddings have been cancelled this year, but the Opposition would have us believe that we’d finally seen the marriage we’d all been waiting for on budget day.

After months of discussions, Paschal Donohoe and Michael McGrath appeared yesterday morning, Dáil Éireann’s own Woody and Buzz Lightyear, with the freshly-bound book that had more leaks than Irish Water.

Even the Ceann Comhairle couldn’t resist as he noted that “anything that hadn’t been mentioned in the media” was confidential until they finished telling us what we already knew.

The buzz of a normal budget day was lacking, and if you weren’t certain, one senior minister who didn’t notice journalists in earshot loudly announced it “was absolute crap”, lamenting “you can’t even get a pint”. Tell us about it, Minister.

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2020’s best for new couples

When Justin Bieber said “I do” to Hailey Baldwin, he decided to gift himself. He flashed a yellow-gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch on Instagram worth roughly $50,000.

When Angelina Jolie tied the knot with Brad Pitt, she presented him with a 1952 Patek Philippe platinum chronometer worth as much as $4 million.

Queen Elizabeth II also clocked in with the perfect wedding present. She gave Princess Diana an elegant Vacheron Constantin diamond bracelet watch to mark her marriage to Prince Charles — the same timepiece the queen received as a gift on her own wedding day in 1947.

But it’s not just celebrities who rely on watches to get them to the church on time. Keepsake pieces (from your parents, your partner or yourself) have become a popular wedding present across income levels, according to Paul Boutros, head of watches for the Americas at auction house Phillips.

“With so

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Gemma Atkinson admits she’d love a quick budget wedding to Gorka Marquez

Gemma Atkinson has admitted she’d love to have a quick budget wedding to her boyfriend Gorka Marquez as she opens up on the possibility of marrying him.

The 35-year-old actress has dished the dirt on how and when she’d like to wed Strictly Come Dancing pro Gorka.

Appearing on Monday’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, Gemma was put on the spot when quizzed over how she’d feel if Gorka rocked up to the studio and demanded they got married right then and there.

Gemma admitted: “I don’t know if I could be bothered with everything. I’d say no, not yet.

She continued: “I’m assuming part of the nice bit of the wedding is the build-up whereby you both plan it together – I know it will be stressful.”

Gemma was put on the spot when quizzed over how she’d feel if Gorka rocked up to the studio and demanded they got married
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Which Wedding Is Right For You?

You got engaged, COVID-19 came, and then the world went haywire! This year has brought many changes to our lives and the way we do things. Not to be excluded is the approach to weddings.

Prior to the global pandemic the average wedding size was about 150 guests. Having a large guest count is fun! Reducing the count, however, not so much!

Having personally rescheduled several weddings this year, I am more than aware of the painful reality. On the upside, however, what this has spawned is ‘novel’ wedding jargon. Terms such as micro wedding, mini wedding, intimate wedding, elopement, minimony, etc, have become par for the course within the last seven months. Here’s a breakdown:



A micro-wedding is a smaller, more intimate celebration that typically has a guest count of fewer than 30 people. Most often, a micro-wedding is small yet grand; it features elements designed to

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Bridezilla shamed for list of SEVEN wedding first dances

A BRIDEZILLA has been mocked for her bizarre list of seven first dances at her wedding – including “costume changes”, hoverboards and roller skating.

A screenshot of the woman’s excessive dance floor plans was shared on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming group – where people were horrified.

A bride has been shamed for her bizarre of SEVEN first dances


A bride has been shamed for her bizarre of SEVEN first dancesCredit: Getty – Contributor

The admission was made in response to another bride’s plan to have five dances.

The bride wrote: “Go for it!! We’re having some many.

“First dance with costume change; Parents dance, us and our parents; Mother son dance (on hoverboards) my son and me; Cloud dance; Anniversary dance; Roller skating dance; Elvis dance”.

In the Facebook post, the bride was immediately bashed with someone asking: “what are all of your guests supposed to do during all of these dances?”

But this failed to ruffle the bride, who replied:

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I lent my mate a lot of money for his wedding and he has not paid me back

DEAR DEIDRE: I LENT two thousand pounds to my best friend to help pay for his wedding after he lost his job.

That was two years ago but I’ve only had £250 back.

My generosity may have stretched too far this time


My generosity may have stretched too far this timeCredit: Alamy

Get in touch with Deidre today

My team and I are working safely from home but we are here to help you as always.

He and his wife have two children now and don’t see paying me back as a priority.

I’m a single guy of 34. My best friend is 33.

He’s now got a better job than before but they say they can’t manage on just his wage. I cope perfectly well running my home on my low salary.

I want to insist on the money, but I don’t even know how to start a conversation about it because I think our friendship

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How to Keep Guests Informed About Wedding-Related Changes After Your Invitations Have Gone Out

If there’s one thing that planning a wedding in 2020 has taught couples across the world, it’s that it’s better to be over-prepared. With social distancing guidelines, gathering capacity rules, and travel restrictions constantly changing, it’s essential that couples have a plan in place for notifying guests about changes to the celebration—and that’s especially once invitations with the details for the day have gone out. To that end, we’re sharing expert-approved advice on how to quickly and effectively share wedding-related updates with your guests when invitations aren’t an option.

Related: How to Concisely Convey All of Your Wedding Details on Your Invitations

Send a second, smaller printed card.

Kristy Rice, owner and founder of Momental Designs, believes that the way you convey the changed details of the wedding day should be reflective of the importance of the change. “For example, we’ve had many couples require a change in venue after

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Woman finds dream wedding dress on Say Yes to the Dress Australia

Ah, the many joys of a wedding: the coming together of two families, the romance and love in the air… but does any of it really compare to getting to wear a fabulous wedding dress?

Say Yes to the Dress: Australia is an Aussie reality series based on the American format of the same name, and it gives us every bit of wedding-envy you could ask for.

RELATED: Can online dating be the modern-day answer for true love?

The show follows couture wedding gown designer Adam Dixon, who helps brides find their perfect wedding dress while shopping at bridal salons. You can watch it for free on 9Now.

Taleena and her sisters have decided to go wedding dress shopping. (9Now)

Taleena, the bride we meet in the first episode of the show, is one of 11 children, and takes her four sisters out shopping for a wedding dress with her.

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St. Louis couple says the city gave them unfair wedding restrictions

ST. LOUIS – Just days before a couple’s dream wedding, the event has become a bit of a nightmare.

The bride-to-be says the City of St. Louis is selectively enforcing COVID-19 restrictions, ruining her plans and costing a lot of money. City officials deny doing so.

It’s three days before Ryan Cauley’s and Jessica Ly’s big day. Though the bride is in good health, she is sickened by what’s just come her way.

“I never expected to not be excited for this day,” Ly said.

The wedding and reception are scheduled for Saturday night at the Fox Theater.

Ly and her wedding planner say they were blindsided one week ago by news of restrictions that were not in place for other weddings in the City of St. Louis.

They say the champagne diva and rolling table are already paid for and coming from Tennessee won’t be allowed.

They also learned

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Maskless wedding photo at Vermont inn worries town officials

WOODSTOCK, Vt. (AP) — Officials in the Vermont town of Woodstock say they were concerned by a photo from a wedding at the Woodstock Inn and Resort that showed people not wearing masks or social distancing.

The Valley News reports the photo of about 40 people wearing dresses and suits and sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in white folding chairs outside during the Saturday event circulated on social media.

Woodstock Village Trustees Chairman Jeffrey Kahn wrote that the safety of residents, business employees and visitors is of utmost importance.

“The safety of our residents, business employees and visitors is of utmost importance to us,” Kahn wrote in a social media post. “We must not become complacent about adhering to the Village mask ordinance. Wear your mask…be well.”

In a statement, the inn said they tried to comply with all guidelines.

“We understand the concerns and will make every effort to reassure the community

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