5 Unique Wedding Band Ideas for Men

5 Unique Wedding Band Ideas for Men

A wedding band is a symbol of love and unity – a never-ending circle of commitment and trust. But who says your wedding band has to be classic, traditional, or boring? Even guys can have interesting wedding bands. So feel free to get creative and pick something out of the ordinary!

Try One of These 5 Unique Options

The classic men’s wedding band is a solid gold band with a slight roundover. In some cases, you’ll see men go with silver or platinum wedding bands in this same style. And, on occasion, men will choose a slightly different shape, a thicker or thinner band, and perhaps an inscription on the inside. But, traditionally speaking, that’s as far as American men have gone.

However, tastes are changing, and men are now pushing the boundaries on style and doing away with grandma’s expectations. It’s no longer just women who get to have fun picking out a ring. Men have a diverse array of options as well. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

1. Unique Textures

Smooth gold rings work for some guys, but you might want something with a little extra pizazz. If so, consider shopping for a textured ring. Options range from herringbone to “tree bark” to hammered and everything in between. You can even have a ring custom-designed for a unique texture.

2. Black Gold

Yellow gold and white gold are everywhere. But when was the last time you saw a guy wearing a black gold wedding band? It’s a pretty rare sighting, which is precisely why you should consider getting one. Diamondere has an impressive selection of 14k black gold rings and some have diamonds and gems.

3. Tungsten

Looking for a tough, rugged, and durable ring that’s also easy on the eyes? Tungsten carbide rings are currently popular (and come in a variety of unique styles and finishes).

The best feature of tungsten carbide rings is that they never scratch, never bend (you can beat it with a hammer if you’d like), can easily be shined and polished, and are hypoallergenic. So if you use your hands a lot or suffer from allergies and discomfort with other metals, this is an option worth giving consideration.

4. Wood

Wood wedding bands are very popular right now. They can be purchased in a variety of styles and mediums – including everything from walnut to deer antler. Most of these rings are reinforced with tungsten or some other hard metal to provide strength and rigidity. And because of this, you can find some really cool designs that mix a variety of metals and elements for a unique look and feel.

5. Diamonds and Gems

It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean guys can’t have a couple of their own. Wedding bands with diamonds and gems are becoming much more popular among men. Some men choose to get a solo diamond in the center with a traditional band around, while other men purchase wedding bands that have full diamond settings. There’s plenty of room to let your creativity run wild!


How to Choose a Men’s Wedding Band

When shopping for your wedding band, it’s helpful to have some guidance. Below, you’ll find a few basic suggestions for choosing the perfect ring:

  • Comfort and fit. You’ll be wearing this ring every day for what will hopefully be decades. Make sure it’s comfortable on your finger. You might like the look of a bulky ring, but does it feel good?
  • Daily lifestyle. Your habits and routines will change over the years, but consider your daily lifestyle and choose something that works for you. (If you’re an outdoorsman, for example, you probably don’t want something with intricate diamonds and soft gold. Platinum, titanium, or tungsten will hold up better.)
  • Budget. Practically speaking, you have to give pricing some thought. You can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 or more on a men’s wedding band. Narrow down your options and remove some of the stress by clarifying your budget early in the process.

Consider all of these factors and select something that you’re proud of. Whether it’s black gold, wood, or a gold band with a diamond in the middle, it’s your choice. Try something new and you’ll always have a fun conversation starter at your fingertips.

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