Day: October 10, 2020

Kaviar Gauche Wedding Dresses by Season

Founded by designers Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl, Kaviar Gauche aims to create wedding dresses for the modern bride (focusing on design, material, and fit). All of the brand’s wedding dresses and accessories are created at their Berlin studio.

Kaviar Gauche 2021

This season’s collection was all about optimism, looking towards the future, and taking a trip to Cloud. No 9. Kaviar’s Gauche’s designers, Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl, set out to create a collection that embodies the ease and joyful bliss of a floating cloud. Below you will find lighter than air tulle, flowing skirts, and delicate floral embroidery.

Courtesy of Kaviar Gauche

“Bowie,” Silk short romper with over skirt and off-the-shoulder bow neckline

 Anna Daki

“Twist top and cloud skirt,” tiered halter top with fringe detail and slip skirt

 Anna Daki 

“Twist Pulli Dress,” mini dress with all-over fringe and long sleeves

  Anna Daki

“Tiffany Overall,” structured jumpsuit

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Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx and wife Alice Mogg welcome first child

black veil brides jinxx alice mogg new baby
[Photo via: Jinxx Instagram @jinxxed4life

Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx (Jeremy Ferguson) and his wife Alice Mogg made a special announcement yesterday on social media. The couple welcomed their first child into the world earlier this week.

Jinxx first announced the two were expecting a baby back in June. He posted a picture of Mogg alongside the tiniest pair of Vans saying the “first Black Veil baby” was due in October.

Mogg also shared her own post about her pregnancy thanking everyone for their love and support.

Official announcement! There’s a bun in the oven!🤰🏼Due in October. @jinxxed4life and I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of becoming parents. Thank you all for your kind words and support.

She also shared several updates over the past few months showing off her baby bump and saying how excited she was to become a mom.

Yesterday, the two announced the name

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Small, socially distanced wedding held outside Orange County nursing home so grandmother can attend

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) — Steven Shoemaker and Kirsten Haigh tied the knot in the courtyard of a Fullerton skilled nursing home to be sure Kirsten’s 89-year-old grandma wouldn’t miss it.

“I joke, she’s such a fantastic host that it would be just like her to find a way to host our wedding,” said Haigh.

The newlyweds live in San Francisco, but had always planned to get married in Orange County.

“We were planning on having a big wedding in Costa Mesa on September 6th. Everybody was invited. Probably at least 100, 150 people,” said Shoemaker. But that all changed with the pandemic and it was back to the drawing board.

“We had the epiphany of what really matters here, so we asked the facility if we could get married in the parking lot because her window faces the parking lot and of course, we got so much more,” Haigh.


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Bride who was POISONED by her wild wedding flowers revealed she went blind on her big day and had to rush to hospital

PEONIES, roses and sweet peas are popular for bridal bouquets for a reason.

Not only are they beautiful and smell heavenly – but they’re also a VERY slim chance they’ll accidentally blind you as you’re walking down the aisle.

Christine Jo Miller had a reaction to her wild wedding flowers


Christine Jo Miller had a reaction to her wild wedding flowersCredit: Tik Tok

And while we can’t blame Christine Jo Miller for wanting to go against tradition, we imagine she’d do things differently after her wildflowers caused a poisonous reaction on her 2017 wedding day.

In a series of TikTok videos, Christine explained how she thought it would be romantic to use the snow-on-the-mountain flowers that grow in the allotment she’d bought with her husband in Nebraska.

In the days leading up to the wedding, the bride-to-be picked enough flowers to fill a whole truck – but little did she know how poisonous they can be and can cause

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If not for the coronavirus, Oct. 10 would’ve been the most popular wedding day, the Knot says ::

Saturday would have been the most popular day to get married before the pandemic, according to the Knot.

More than 104,000 weddings were scheduled to take place on October 10 through Knot’s registry. But, that didn’t end up happening. (Love may be powerful, but it can’t stop the coronavirus from spreading.)

Knot is a wedding planner app and website, which more than 25 million people have used to plan their wedding.


The majority of wedding guests said that this year, they preferred outdoor gatherings with less than 25 people in attendance. Couples also said that they wanted masks to be required, according to the Global COVID-19 Weddings Report.

For the couples that did not decide to change their wedding date, nearly all said that they were having to make changes or take precautions to adjust to the pandemic.

A little more than a third of couples who initially scheduled their

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Amy Childs tries on wedding dresses in show’s 10th anniversary special

Amy Childs will try on wedding dresses to wear to her cousin Harry Derbidge’s wedding in scenes from the TOWIE’s upcoming 10th anniversary special episode.

In an exclusive clip from this Sunday’s show the reality star, 30, looks every inch the bride-to-be in the huge white meringue dress as she shows off the look to friends Saffron Lempriere and Demi Sims. 

In another scene, Amy wears a second bridal dress for a night out at the Sugar Hut which she teamed with her old bright red hair she became famous for on series one.

Wow! Amy Childs will try on wedding dresses to wear to her cousin Harry Derbridge’s wedding in scenes from the show’s upcoming 10th anniversary special episode

It comes after the star memorably tried on a series of wedding dresses for Sam Faiers and Harry in scenes from the first series of the show back in 2010

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Inside One Couple’s Industrial-Greenhouse Wedding in Brooklyn

orange and white stationeryPin It
Photography by Unique Lapin

Megan Karande and Dan Fallon’s save-the-date didn’t have all the formalities of a typical reminder. It wasn’t a photo of them all dressed up standing in a dew-covered field, gazing into each other’s eyes. Instead the card depicted an average Saturday at their Park Slope home, the space they’ve shared for six and a half of the 10 years they’ve been together. The scene—hand-illustrated by Megan—features the couple on their sofa under a blanket, books in hand, with their two cats, Pippin and Lentil. This is how you’ll find them most weekends, especially in the colder months. “If we could have had the wedding in our apartment, we would have,” says Megan, laughing. 

So the pair didn’t end up hosting 125 guests at their place, but they did stick to a tight, 10-minute walking radius within their Brooklyn neighborhood, holding the October 2019 ceremony and reception

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Coronavirus UK: Marshals will be armed with body cameras to catch rule breakers

A snooper army of Covid marshals armed with body cameras will film evidence of breaches of coronavirus restrictions at weddings, parties, pubs and restaurants under new Government guidelines published this week. 

Boris Johnson’s derided marshals, dubbed ‘Covid Wombles’, will be expected to call police or council inspectors to enforce any breaches at premises they visit.

They will be given a checklist of coronavirus measures to ensure compliance in hospitality venues including pubs, bars, restaurants, takeaways and shops, as well as tourist attractions, ‘close contact services’ including hairdressers and nail bars, and ‘wedding receptions and celebrations’.

The guidance, published by Robert Jenrick’s Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government, suggests the marshals should receive security training and could operate a yellow card system — where they issue two warnings before businesses face fines or closure.

In a move suggesting that there will be confrontations with unhappy members of the public, the

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Bridezilla shamed for list of SEVEN wedding first dances

A BRIDEZILLA has been mocked for her bizarre list of seven first dances at her wedding – including “costume changes”, hoverboards and roller skating.

A screenshot of the woman’s excessive dance floor plans was shared on Reddit’s Wedding Shaming group – where people were horrified.

A bride has been shamed for her bizarre of SEVEN first dances


A bride has been shamed for her bizarre of SEVEN first dancesCredit: Getty – Contributor

The admission was made in response to another bride’s plan to have five dances.

The bride wrote: “Go for it!! We’re having some many.

“First dance with costume change; Parents dance, us and our parents; Mother son dance (on hoverboards) my son and me; Cloud dance; Anniversary dance; Roller skating dance; Elvis dance”.

In the Facebook post, the bride was immediately bashed with someone asking: “what are all of your guests supposed to do during all of these dances?”

But this failed to ruffle the bride, who replied:

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The bride excluded her, and she doesn’t know why

Dear Amy: My niece “Kate” has been married for several years. Her husband’s brother “Bradley” will be getting married this year.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune) 

All of Bradley’s siblings and their spouses have been asked to be in the bridal party — everyone except Kate.

Kate’s husband is in his brother’s party, but her future sister-in-law, “Julie,” has excluded Kate.

Kate included Julie in her wedding party several years ago.

Kate can think of nothing that would have offended Julie.

How should Kate handle this upcoming wedding?

Sad Aunt

Dear Sad Aunt: In the movie version, “Kate” would attend the wedding, get roaring drunk at the reception, and then deliver the roasty-toast of the century.

Movie pitch aside, if every single sibling and spouse has been included in the wedding party, this exclusion does seem off-kilter. However, the fact that Kate included “Julie” in her own wedding does

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