Jane Chung and her fiancé Chris eloped on August 24 in Joshua Tree National Park in a Desert Pop Up wedding that started with Chung getting ready at a nearby Airbnb before golden hours vows in the park, with their dog Juniper bearing witness to the celebration. (Photo: Courtesy of Desert Pop Up/Matthew David Studio)

Jane Chung and Chris Gorman stood face to face, with their cheery dog Jupiter gallivanting in the desert dirt. The sunset cast a golden glow and a light breeze cooled the summer air as they exchanged their vows at Joshua Tree National Park.

A pandemic-era wedding was not what she envisioned, but for Chung, eloping in the desert was as memorable as the Van Nuys couple could have hoped for.

“It was just me, him and our puppy,” she said. “It just made it super intimate and super loving. I felt like we were