Day: October 3, 2020

Sound Photographers Unveil Debut Single ‘Shade’

Available to stream today.

Sound Photographers Unveil Debut Single 'Shade'

Fresh Philadelphia-based alt-hop singer-songerwriter duo Sound Photographers has released their debut single “Shade,” available on all streaming platforms this Friday, October 2nd.

With lyrics written by Indy James and Hoozmo, music composition by Hoozmo, and production by Drea Young and Nice Rack LLC, “Shade” is an ode to the times, an exploration of hope, and a tale of united perseverance.

“Fundamentally, this song is about hope,” says Sound Photographers. “The verses are about our collective journey through this crazy time. Things are what they are right now, and we can be courageous in the face of it. Getting there together makes us stronger. The sky don’t fear the thunder.”

The track features intimate vocal performances from both Indy James and Hoozmo, with a raw instrumental soundscape that sets the tone for Sound Photographers’s upcoming singles for the coming year and album in late 2021.

Sound Photographers

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